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NetWorst is a remake of Advanced Netwars, a Caldera's game. It's not just a recompile for newer computers, but it adds some new features and a better graphic.

Ingmar is programming a remake of Netwars, really well done, almost a clone of Novell's Netwars: NetwarsGL will be multi-platform and opensource.
Alas, our NetWorst maybe won't be opensource, as we've used our BotoLib© to compile it.
In these page you can see all available ship. Maybe some new ones will be added, maybe some will be changed, but actually these are what you'll be able to pilot.
All missions in Single Player mode will be added (the AI is quite simple).
We will implement multiplayer mode, as BotoLib© allows it. Multiplayer will work on LAN and Internet.


For more info about Netwars:

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