The Cajon Pass Group gathers all those people interested in that part of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad that goes from San Bernardino to Victorville, California, known as Cajon Pass. Our page provides information on Cajon Pass and its history, pictures of how it looks today and of the trains that run thru it everyday, BNSF, ATSF Warbonnets, Union Pacific and Southern Pacific.

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What's the Cajon Pass Group

The Cajon Pass Group is an informal association of people who have a special interest in that part of the former Santa Fe Railway known as Cajon Pass that crosses the mountains between San Bernardino and Victorville, California, U.S.A.
Our purpose is to pool our resources and our research efforts and to share information among those of us who are interested in modeling Cajon Pass or who want to help preserve the railroad history of that area. We will publish occasional articles about CajonPass in the Warbonnet magazine.
John Thompson began organizing the group early in 1996, and he sends out a paper Newsletter to group members who volunteer to help with a project for the group.
In the late 1997 member Calvin Swartzendruber set up the Discussion Group, a mailing list open to all people interested in Cajon Pass, that has now evolved into two full-featured Mailing Lists.

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