Album di Alyssa Milano

TITOLO: Alyssa (Pony Canyon PCCY-00026, 1989)

1.I Just Wanna Be Loved  
2.I Had A Dream
3.Step By Step
4.Can You Feel It
7.Give A Little Kindness
8.Be My Baby/Tell Me That You Love Me - Medley
9.Let My Love Show You
10.We Need The Children


TITOLO: Look In My Heart (Pony Canyon D25Y0273, 1989)

1.Look In My Heart
2.What A Feeling
3.Medley: Da Doo Ron Ron/Magic In Your Eyes
4.You Lied To Me
5.The Best In The World
6.Born To Love
7.Waiting For My Star
8.Straight To The Top


TITOLO: Best In The World (Pony Canyon PCCY-00059, 1990)

1.The Best In The World
2.Straight To The Top
3.I Had A Dream
4.Look In My Heart
5.I Just Wanna Be Loved
7.What A Feeling

TITOLO: Locked Inside A Dream (Pony Canyon PCCY-00204, 1991)

1.No Secret
2.I Want Your Number
3.Every Single Kiss
4.Closer To You
5.Your Lips Don't Lie
6.Through It All
7.Say A Prayer
9.Locked Inside A Dream
10.Count On Me
11.New Sensation


TITOLO: Do You See Me? (Pony Canyon, 1992)

1.Do You See Me?
2.Talk To Me
3.One Last Dance
4.Puppet On A String
5.Somewhere In Jamaica
6.Waiting For Your Love
7.If Only
8.Everything You Do