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Here you will be able to know EVERYTHING about me! In my free time I explore the world a lot with internet, I listen to a lot of music, I go to singing lessons and watch videos of operas. I play with my Playstation and my favourite games are FIFA 99, even if the mercenary Vieri is on the cover, Tekken and Tomb Raider. I also like Toca and I just bought Gran Turismo which I think I will like a lot. With my computer (a Mac of course...) I like strategy games like Warcraft and at the moment I am going crazy with Caesar II. I am of course a raving football fan and my team is the GREAT LAZIO. We will always win and the "rometta" will always lose.... Our captain lifts the Cups, their captain lifts the t-shirts!!!!

Here you can see some pictures of me in Ireland (August 99). As you can see there are lakes, castles and sea. This picture in particular looks like the castle of LA CONTEA LAZIO...

It's a real beautiful place, just like another beautiful place, Mexico. I have been there two years ago and in the fourth picture you can see me in the main square in Mexico City.



Here is a picture of my Granny Nonna Pierina. She is 90 now and always in great shape. Here she si singing in the street along to the radio on the window ....There is a little problem with her though...She supports a.s. roma, but nobody's perfect!!!

Per saperne di piu'...RICONTATTATEVI PRESTO!

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