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Updated on the 10 January 2000.

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This is what I think...

It has been GREAT, a celebration and a party that I liked really a lot.There are no words good enough to describe such a beautiful event, even if it has been "forgotten" on purpose by the press and the national television channels which of course belong to the "romanista" propaganda regime (just think of the "corriere di trigoria"...)

It has been a "typical" Lazio victory, as President Cragnotti so wisely said on the night...We fought, we missed a penalty, we got nervous, we conceded a goal, and then Heart of Steel, Tappettino, Little Soldier Nedved gave us the lead with a "hearter" more than a "header". Then we injured ourselves (Salas and Sensini), we raised barricades, we got fucking mad at the referee (Nedved again), and we resisted with our white and blue heart until the final release of the Fabrizio "White Feather" Ravanelli's goal. From the Curva Maestrelli we watched this goal as if it was in slow motion, just like the film "Fever Pitch", an incredible sensation.

Maybe it was better this way: I'm sure the THOUSANDS of little kids at the Stadio Olimpico will remember for the rest of their lives this suffered victory much more than an easy 4 - 0. I have to say, thought, that Lazio deserved to win and it was overall superior to Bologna. We should all say thank you to the organizers of this marvellous event, especially Guido De Angelis and the IRRIDUCIBILI for the unforgettable emotions and the gallery of enormous portraits from our history that we saw in the Stadium. There was of course Fascetti too, to answer to those silly gits (like that idiot Liguori) who said we had forgotten him, but let's leave this stupid "romanista" propaganda...

Just a few more words about the new "Centenary Anthem", which I liked a lot and to which I gave my own little singing contribution in the choir in the recording studio together with some Irriducibili and my friend Max Evangelista. I was very moved listening to it in such a situation, and I think it was on the same level of excellent quality of this historical day. A GREAT CELEBRATION FOR A GREAT TEAM!
I introduce myself...

My name is David Macchi and you can have further informations about myself on my own section of this site clicking at the bottom of this page. I'm 34 and I am a tour guide. I was born in the popular district of Rome called Garbatella. I have a passion for Opera and a disease called "LAZIO"!

I went to the Stadio Olimpico for the first time when I was 9, in 1974 for an HISTORICAL Lazio-Foggia 1- 0. It was of course the match that gave us the one (for now...) Scudetto to our loved team. It was as you can imagine a memorable sensation for a nine years old kid, who stayed "flashed" for the rest of his life. I kept going as a season ticket holder for many years; first as an "aquilotto" (little eagle) and then in the Curva Nord through seasons of joy (not many) and pain (a lot). For a young kid now in the extraterrestrial Cragnotti age, it is unbelievable to think that Lazio was like that then.

The events of my life took me to England where I lived and worked for almost 5 years. This caused a separation from my "disease" and people surrounding me at the time thought I was miraculously healed. It didn't last long because Italian football became increasingly popoular in England. Every sunday the most important match of Serie A is broadcasted live on TV for free and all English football fans have their own favourite team in the Italian League. When Lazio bought Paul Gascoigne guess which team became the most popoular immediately??!? LAZIO, of course!!!

I'm not exaggerating: every other day Gascoigne was on the covers of British football and non football newspapers and magazines because he had set the Stadio Olimpico dressing room on fire or something...When I used to say I was a Lazio fan, Tottenham or Chelsea fans would immediately ask me questions about my team, the emotions watching a Derby, and about the other team of Rome that nobody's heard about in UK: "MA LA ROMA DOVE STA?". Honestly, EVERYBODY has at least heard of Lazio in UK, and when Paul scored that last minute equalizer against Roma,running in tears towards the Curva Nord, his picture was on all national news. You could feel the British national pride of having contributed with "their" national champion to the success of a great club.

I started again to follow my Lazio when I came back from England, even if, with my job, I have to miss a lot of matches and I have to watch them in some hotel lobby, together with waiters, recepionists and porters who are AC Milan or Juventus fans (...what a sad destiny!). However I have a season ticket for the Curva Maestrelli and I go sometimes to some away matches if I am not on job (...or wife!) duties.

I was of course among the more than 10.000 Lazio fans in Birmingham for OUR Cup Winners Cup and I need to tell you: when "We are the Champions" came out of the loudspeakers and the team came under our Stand with the Cup and the white and light blue shirts, I started to cry like a baby, and I wasn't the only one. We gave ourselves to sheer joy. Sufferings of the past made us as strong as steel, like the heart of our "Pavelino" who gave this magnificent Cup!

Later we thrashed Manchester United in Montecarlo with our Matador who gave us a lot of pleasure even this last year finished with Lazio best team in 1999 by far. We all hope that bad luck this year will go away and that Lazio will be stronger even of the referees (...bastards!).

So this is my presentation and I invite you all to visit this site come back to it frequently 'cos I will add a lot of pictures, video clips and passion! I would just like to do a global dedication to ALL the protagonists of the radio programs in Rome about Lazio: the Princes of the Contea, Guido De Angelis and my friend Max Evangelista (you can see him looking at naked women in the page dedicated to the triumph in Birmingham), Gianni Hellzner, Ugo and everybody else...this site is dedicated to you with a big "thank you" for your love for OUR team!!!

This "SS Lazio First Unofficial Ring" site is owned byDavid Macchi, owner of the LA GRANDE LAZIO
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