My favourite links

These are my favourite web sites and I strongly recommend that you all visit them....

Musical sites

Opera and classical music

Opera web the best italian operatic site. Rich in informations and very interesting.

Opera Glass a marvellous site with a lot of details on the opera world.

Classical net all about classical music. Worth a visit.

The art of Maria Callas all about one of the genious of this century, a true artist.

Musica classica in Italia a site from a country where what we should be proud of is taken for granted.

Classical insites a collection of very interesting site for all music lovers.

Giuseppe Verdi the best site on the web dedicated to the best composer ever.

Franco Corelli dedicated to the "partner in crime" of Ettore. Un unforgettable duo.

Rock and pop

Zoo di Venere an excellent band of contemporary music.

Custard Pie if you like good rock and Led Zeppelin, visit this site right now.

Achtung Babies another excellent rock band, especially for U2 lovers.

Radio Rock in Rome there is rock in the air

Non musical sites


EF Educational Tours the tour operator I work for.

GoAhead Vacations the other tour operator I work for with adult american clients.

Roma On Line all the informations you could possibly need about my hometown.


SS Lazio the greatest football team in the world destined to win in spite of AC Roma.

Irriducibili the fans in the "Nord" stand destined to laugh and win!

Swedish laziali a great site of swedish friends who are Lazio fans.

Alessandro Nesta the site of our victorious champion.

Lazio fans in Denmark yes...there are Lazio supporters even in Denmark!

Altre cose

Apple the maker of the best, the easiest, the most reliable computer on the planet.

Tripod click here and you could all open a site like this for FREE and EASILY.

Smartclicks if you have a web site I recommend this services provider

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