The story of David Macchi

I was born in Rome 33 years ago on the 31st of march 1965, in a popular district called Garbatella. After I've finished classical studies, when I was 19 I began to study at the University of Rome in the faculty of political sciences. I've only passed six exams though, because I decided to move to London where I lived four years and a half of my life.

I was singing in an heavy metal band at the time...yes, I had long hair then (I've cut it when I was 29) and I was a "wild one". Now I look different but maybe I'm even wilder. Here below you can see my face...

I discovered opera when I was about 26. I used to hate it before, but then one day I gave it a chance and I listened to a CD of the opera "Rigoletto" with Pavarotti singing the role of the duke. It wasn't though the beautiful voice of big Luciano that particularly stroke me, but the one of the baritone Sherrill Milnes who, of course, IS Rigoletto, the protagonist. His passion, the warmth and the violence of that role involved me completely. I decided I would become a baritone!!!

I studied for 6 months with maestro Leo Ferri who would have been again (and still is) my teacher. Then I went to England where I had beautiful experiences in operatic productions and concerts as a member of various choirs. I sang at the Edimburgh Festival Theatre and, in London, at the Sadler's Wells Theatre, at the Royal Festival Hall, and especially at the Royal Albert Hall. I'll never forget a Verdi's Requiem there with 5000 people in the audience annihilated in their seats by the power of Verdi's genious.

I then came back to Italy and I studied for 5 years with maestro Ferri working at the same time as a tour guide for north americans all over Europe. Now I feel ready enough to try my luck in the very difficult world of italian opera, and for now I do performances in between tours and when the season is off doing small parts in professional productions. In order to become more "visible" in the operatic world, I self produced a CD with operatic arias and popular songs with great economical effort.

Anybody who would like to know more about me can send me an e-mail or go to the page of my CD "Baritono Italiano" where you will be able to listen to musical extracts from my CD of which there is also a tape version available.

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