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Removed all JavaScript examples from this page, to make it load faster and also to avoid CPU overload due to the opacity effect, now added to all elements of the page. Some further background images added too.

I am wondering about pulling out all JavaScript, overall where used for loading common contents.

Added a section about CSS quirks.

Changed the extension for all pages from ".htm" to ".html".

Master-Rocks II released: Screenshot, Download Page.

Added a 'contact' section, with an online submission form for anonymous messages.

Mayor revision of the layout: added a margin to all content boxes.

(...mayor?...)CSS is really amazing:
just a couple of rules
and the layout changes totally!
2006/02/19 21:00

Few graphical changes (greyscale gradient borders added to bars, pages and menus)


Just fixed a CSS bug that misplaced menus and comments in Opera.

I feel satisfied, shame on CSS-Faulty-Compliant-Browser users
:-P ;) [IE?] X8O!

I've decided to add some JavaScript, just to share the parts that are common to all pages (sidebars, menus and bottom comments).

Maybe it could be done also without scripts, I would prefer this way... we'll see.

The complete and extensible dropdown menu of this site, made with CSS:

This method is used also for adding comments ---> Comment:
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