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Rock'n'Diamonds (RnD) is a fully customizable, cross-platform, opensource game engine by Holger Schemel.
Here are some levels I've created with that great game.
In order to play them, you should get the latest stable release of RnD from the official website.

Feel free to download, play and distribute them, as they are freeware just like the engine they are made with.

I give no warranty of any kind for these levels.
Anyway, since I know that RnD can give some addiction,
I can assure 100% fun gameplay.

Before distributing them you should at least play them! :)
(All the download links point to the RnD File Archive, the official repository of RnD Community)

Click here for the complete list of levels/examples I've made.

Master-Rocks II (Download  - Old Version)

A complete MasterMind clone, with increasing difficulty from level to level.


42 Steps (Download)

A contribution level for one of the greatest RnD customizations ever: SnakeBite by Alan Bond. In order to play this level, you need the original SnakeBite levelset (get it from the RnD Website)


Series (Download)

Just an emerald party level, at a first glance.


Rockford4ever's solution tape.

Magic CEs (Download)

In this levelset you have to master the skill of sustaining rocks in open air and of animating the Magic Boxes.


Rockfighter (Download)

Just like in beat'em-ups, insert key combos to destroy the enemies and to protect yourself.


Memory (Download)

The classic memory game with 8 couples of cards.


MemoryMP (Download)

The memory game for two players.


Warparound (Download)

A small warparound map.

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