Software by Francesco Cipriani

vspacer Welcome, this site contains some of the programs I developed; they are written in REXX, Mex and Pascal, the language I began to program with. There is also a porting from Linux.
You can find below a list of what's available for download.

CheckUrl is a REXX program which checks if the urls (HTTP or FTP) contained in a html or text file are valid (=they exist).
It can be used to check any HTML file such as Netscape bookmark file or any other file. Try it!

SLRN for OS/2
SLRN is a very nice text newsreader, ported from Linux using the EMX library.
It is distributed under the Gnu Public License.

MexScape is a text browser (note: not an HTML browser!) written in MEX for Maximus, a BBS system. It runs on Dos, Windows and OS/2, the operating systems supported by Maximus

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