CheckUrl v1.6.2

CheckUrl is a REXX program that checks if the urls contained in an HTML or text file are correct, i.e. if they exist.

Using CheckUrl you can validate the urls listed in any text or HTML file such as Netscape bookmark file. Now online url checking is supported too.
CheckUrl supports multiple simultaneous connections, offering high speed during url checking.

This program uses the RxSock and RxFtp DLLs, and obviously the OS/2 TCPIP stack (you need v. 2.0 or newer).

CheckUrl is released as freeware, so download, distribute and use freely, but please contact me if you are using my program and you find it useful or if you found some bug.

CheckUrl addons

Urllog (by Julian Thomas <jt@jt-mj.net>)

Takes as input a netscape bookmarks.htm file and the checkurl.log output from checkurl.cmd (version 162).
Requires a unix-like grep.exe program somewhere on your path.
Output file indicates not only the url that failed, but also the link text from the bookmarks file, making it easier to search and destroy in netscape bookmark edit.
Sample output:
Amazon.com Books! Earth's Biggest Bookstore. == http:// www.amazon.com ==> Timeout connecting

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