SLRN is a nice text newsreader able to work both online and offline, using an NNTP server or its own spool. SLRN offers a powerful scoring system which can help you to instantly find messages you are interested to, and includes a macro language too.

Here you can find the latest version of SLRN precompiled for OS/2.

The OS/2 port of SLRN was supported by Bjoern Frantzen until 1997. As far as I know, no one continued his work, so I decided to make a new homepage for SLRN OS/2 and make precompiled versions available here. I'm able to compile a C program like this one, but I'm still learning C/C++, so if you find some OS/2 related bug please inform me, but I cannot assure you that I'll fix it.

Download SLRN for OS/2 (about 1.3 Mb)

The main SLRN page is http://www.slrn.org


slrn_os2keys.zip Displays slrn key sequences for OS/2 keystrokes. From: Rocco Caputo (troc@shadow.net)
slrn_pmmail.zip Use PMmail as you mailer from slrn. From: Mark Miesfeld (miesfeld@acm.org)
Scripts and a S-Lang macro to enable different browsers and/or append URLS to a bookmark.file. From: (pardoz@io.com)

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