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Here i go my preferite hobby!

fly a Kite! Stunt Kite!
There isn't a sport recognized for the Italian federation, C.O.N.I.,
But there are a Championship all around of the wold This hobby is born around 1998 , when there are a festival in my Town, Chioggia (Venice). I had buy a small kite just for Painting a little bit of sky! And the passion is born!The first time there are very hard to fly, just to leave the kite in the sky. After i learn how command the kite. I follow the festival around of the Italy and i see the "Triks" so i am affascinated And i start to learna the first "triks".
Now i made a Italian championship, and i'm not to bad! .

Some picture from the fastival around of Italy
"Triks"There are a strange movement of the kite, that sometime there opposite of the phisics Law!! (an the patience of the pilote because it's not easy to do) One of the first of this Tiricks is the "axel" it's the basically tricks, it's to rotate the kite aound his axis but with the nose poit of pilot, pratically the kite become flat and after rotate. Another trick that's is very impressive is the "faede" , the kite fly up-side down!! There are more tricks but my english is bad for describe it... So you can made a little search in the net of Tricks of kite".....

This is a "FADE"

How we made a Championship

A champonschip "outdoor", it's like the artistic iceskating, there are 3 trial to do. Compulsory figure, Freestyle and ballet. In "Indoor" generally Freestyle and compulsory figure

Compulsory figure: It's a number of figure to do (generally 3), take from the 60 figure of the internatinale rule book. The evalutation is how is do the figure, straight line, 90 degree corner, the proportion Example :the square is a square, the circle is a circla and so on In totale sono tre figure per un tempo massimo di 5minuti

Balletto: It's the more beautiful to see
Every pilots must demostrate your skill to interpretate the music, with the precision figure and triks, and respect the ritme of the music. The duration of this ballet it's from 3 minutes to 5 The music it's a chioce of the pilots

Freestyle: The pilots must demostrate how is good the kite's control, he do compulsory figure with a mix of tricks all connected in smooth sequence!
The duration it's from 3 minutes to 5.
The judge see the precision of the figure and the tricks

Here some picture

Here 3 video of me, it's a ugly video i don't have a digital camera, and there are my first tricks

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

Link's at the italian web site
Sito gestito dal campione italiano '98 '99 e 2000
Interessante per i video, la tecnica, e tanti utili consigli!
Utili sopratutto a chi li vuole costruire

S.T.A.C.K Italia
Sito ufficiale dell'organizzazione Italiana