Why i had build this web site?

When i was staying in China i came to Know a lot of chinese people, they wanted to learn italian, and every night i had to stay with them to teach a little bit of italian.
After i came back to Italy , they sent me an E-mail and ask me how they could learn more Italian! At that point i could'nt teach them by mail!!
Because the big problem is the pronunciation! If most people think that they can understand italian if they know english language because the alphabets are the same, but to pronounce italian is a pain in the ass!!!
After if you think that the Chinese people don't know wath this the alphabet..!!!!!!
Infact in their language there aren't a alphabet, But there are all word, for precision concept,that made together give a sense. Another difficult is that they don't have a Male, Female, singolar or plural and so on......
So i think to use internet for teach they something. And so i had build a web site where also i can put the "sound" (pronunciation). For that the web site i born. At the start the web site, include only a page for the "training Chinese to Italian", Infact the Strange symbol in the head of the page is Chinese and mean "Training Chinese to italian"
After when the time is gone, i had think, why i don't put something about me? And i had start to put somthing, and i hope to put more and more and more..... I hope somebody i give me some tip of made this site better, and of it want read.
But don't want too much, I'm not a wizzard! I had learn the HTML , tha language for made this web site, in only 2 days!! A big CIAO, at all has arrived to read here. I wait a feedback from you , for made better this a little piece of me in the
"Deep Blue"