Achromatic prism
Air level
Air-weighing globe
Alarm siren
Ampere's table
Analytical balance
Anchor escapement
Aneroide barometer
Ansell's osmotic indicator
Apparatus for clearing dirty liquids by rotation
Apparatus for collisions
Apparatus for demonstrating vertical trust
Apparatus for light diffraction
Apparatus for equilibrium
Apparatus for illustrating the linear propagation of the light
Apparatus for interference and for binaural audition
Apparatus for Oersted's experiment
Apparatus for Plateau's experiments
Apparatus for the composition of parallel forces
Apparatus for the propagation of the pressure in liquids and gases
Apparatus for the study of the pressure according to the depth
Apparatus for verifying the pendulum laws
Apparatus for vibrating plates
Apparatus for visualizing the sound interference
Apparatus to verify the Boyle and Mariotte law (p>1)
Apparatus to verify the Boyle and Mariotte law (p<1)
Arago's experiment
Arc lamp
Articulated parallelepiped
Astatic galvanometer (differential model)
Astatic mirror galvanometer
Astatic system

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