The Cape Marine Reserve is Natural, di Claudio Italiano

The Cape Milazzo Marine Reserve, in Sicily,  is natural  

Cape Milazzo Marine Reserve, in Sicily, is natural!

Milazzo,2000 May 7, times 14,10 , ,  curtain of the I bring full of pupils accompanied by the teachers of the First, of the III Circolo and of the Comprehensive institute (Schools of Borgo and Capo Milazzo) to realize a brief trip on the sea, that makes us discover the true treasures of the City; they participate in the initiative the Commander of the Port, Antonino Samiani, the teacher Catanese and Alia, the arch. Zizi Vece, the undersigned, in the dress of reporter of exception for the City and the untiring Pippo Ruggeri of Legambiente of the Tyrrhenian, his iperuraniches and he environmental ideas: this time he has developed a global idea, express locally in a Trip along the Coast of East of the golden Kersoneso, on a ferry boat, put kindly, to disposition from the Insular General Navigation, the " Helga ", for the children of Milazzo, undertaken possible surrender and result, we care to specify him/it, thanks to the appointment of everybody.

The port of Milazzo, Sicily, pupils and Pippo Ruggeri and Commander Samiani of Navy

Release the tops, toward the 14,20, and overcome the port obstructions, the Helga has therefore come toward the Cross of Sea, ideally repeat the trip in boat and for limestone the waves, in this case, of the baron Joseph Piaggia, in a careful rediscovery of the bluffs of the Promontory, that expresses in caverns and ravines, wound in the mystery of the legends that the time has woven, almost to sbrigliare the fantastic one I husk imaginative of the boys, prevented never every by the grayness of the daily paper & And here is a Zizi Vece, as parent telling history, from the persuasive tone, speak to us from the microphone of the ship of the Rock-cliff of the Pepper, where the ancient marinaris milazzesi, sauce progenies from the mighty humeruses, were accustomed to lower one of the five tonnares of Milazzo & in a reverent, respectful and verghiano I compare of love and of hate for the sea, that everything gave and removed from them; "probably -dice Zizi, joking - you know only the Tonnara of West, that today is a famous restaurant!."

City of Milazzo, the old Castle and the wonder sea!

Continuing, however, the navigation with the repetitive one I roar some cars, plain plan, in before half, almost back!, we turn a thought to the hero , Luigi Rizzo, and to his Villa of Bevaceto under which the ship of the Islands, to him devoted, it was accustomed to every morning and every evening, to puff the whistle of regard, when passing in the near there . In the journey it appears us the mysterious beauty of the " Grotta dell'Oro", a ravine of the bluff whose nominative it would make to go up again to a hypothetical episode of Spanish soldiers that they were imprisoned but that they succeeded in escaping swapping with gold coins their salvation . But the time has woven other legends around the Cave that seems it found its etymology in the custom that the pirates had, after having raided the ships, to leave the loot in this legendary cave, to reenter in deprived of it I bring of Milazzo avoiding the searches. The " Helga ", to this point it favors the sciabordžo of the waves of a sea that reboils and ,via street, hands toward the extremity of the Head, making to be cradled by the waves, up to the "Coast of the Heaven";

<S.Antony Bay in Milazzo

 it is so defined for the colors and the wealth of his/her sea, characterized by backdrops of Posidonia, that - Zizi says - "it is a plant whose submerged grasslands allow the oxygenation of the sea", expression, therefore, of a sea that is still rich of living microorganisms and it launches his/her cry of help, vitalized by the compassionate action of the sea tides that they enter from the breadth and they drag the disease of the industrial unloadings. It says the archietto: "Our sea is clean and rich of fishes and of vegetation despite the industries; think that a sub has discovered some fishes that come from the tropical seas, the Pisceses Parrot, that have reached Milazzo!." Won't be - we ask us - for the unloadings of warm water!!!? But are here - as the friend Pippo Ruggeri remembers me - not to make sterile polemics but to relaunch the dream of a lost Sea Heaven, that passes for the Rediscovery of the Reserve of the Head, that is Natural! "We already imagine there in the Heaven - it tells me filling him/it look of a special light - and well knowing my prickly and polemic spirit aggiuge: "I beg you Claudio,: today think about the Beautiful one!." And here in fact the beauty of the Beach of Cirucco and later it to make himself/herself/themselves wide, from the tall one, the vegetation of ancient ulivi of the Baronža, so defined by the Baron Lucifero, his/her holder; it is the most interesting zone as reserve of the Head to valorize and to preserve, for the vegetation Mediterranean characteristic and only &. under the Point Club, with his/her calcareous tufis that have challenged the billows of the gricalates of a procelloso sea in the years and here in the near the shoals of East, natural and fishy hatcheries. And anchor, to the of the of the Point Club, the celestial peace of the discreet beach of Gravel and his/her furtive loves; and from the tall one the tooth dlla rock de "u Sautu Cavaddu", where the beautiful Helen Baele spurred the steed, taken by the discouragement of love, to lose forever himself/herself/themselves in that sea that had admired in the sunsets of the Head, embraced to his him; Zizi with the love of a fiancť, quotes all the places of his/her earth and remembers "U ChianuBaele", says "You the King's table", a rock-cliff that appeared on the surface in the low tide and where, note, the Lord was accustomed to take a seat and to banquet, for then to leave that the waves brought away the silver Ancora le scogliere della Riserva Marina del Capo che Ť Naturale!!dishes and the furnishings. Some have defined this rock-cliff, "the King's Table", - Zizi says - perhaps also in memory of the God Poseidon that the legend wants he/she banqueted on these rock-cliffs together with its friend crab, just as the fable of the Sirenetta.

The Milazzo's beautiful sea and stones!

Now overcome the coast of east, slowly the bluff lowers to embrace better its sea and here a rock-cliff irto and a cave seminascosta can be seen, the "Cave of Leg of Donna", where him enters with the small boats and enjoys some show of the rays of the Sun that filter in the cave to the dawn; a kind of Blue " Cave ", models in short Milazzo, with a rock from the tall one of the time that remembers to the virile marinaro, in its erotic thought, the leg of a beautiful woman to be caressed!& and finally the Artichoke, the rock-cliff of the extreme Point Messinese. Well these wealths are a gift that the Nature has done to Milazzo and the whole World! To the Commander Antonino Samiami, that is affectionately detained with his/her children and teaches him for photo of group, we ask that I/you/he/she speak to us of the importance of the Reserve Marina of the Head.

Ancora scogliere bellissime, acque azzurre della Baia di S.Antonino e pale di fichi d'india.

Claudio Italiano, per la Cittŗ di Milazzo

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