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Saint Antonio abate's Sanctuary



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The absence of an asphalted road has always discouraged those who intended to reach the Sanctuary by car.
It really seems to be in a place abandoned to itself and nature has the power to do anything she wants.
Today, it isn’t difficult to see a hawk flying high in the sky, or hares and foxes hiding behind the bushes as they hear a noise.

Some years ago, a terrible fire destroyed nearly totally the woods that used to surround the plateau but now the vegetation around it is flourishing again.
Even if the Mediterranean bush occupies almost entirely the steep sides of the plateau, young oak-trees stand out to the sky proudly.
Besides both in the spring as well as in the fall, when it’s warmer, a strong smell of wild mint perfumes the air on the plateau.

Some time ago, the Province of Matera started a project of cultural and environmental protection of the whole plateau but, inexplicably, the project was interrupted after a while.

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