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Saint Antonio abate's Sanctuary



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What to see in proximity of the Sanctuary.


The Basilicata region is changing quickly: today, it’s easy to reach it and the construction of new roads has broken its isolation.
We think there are several reasons why a tourist should choose to spend his/her vacations in the Basilicata region: here, food is delicious, people are friendly and polite, nature offers its best with breathtaking landscapes which are often hard to find elsewhere.

For example, you can visit Matera, a cosy town famous for its Sassi, or if you prefer nature, the lake of St. Giuliano, not distant from St. Antonio Abate’s Sanctuary, where you can admire various species of animals, some of them protected by law.
All around the lake, an uncontaminated nature will leave you breathless because of its beauty.
Those who love art and history, instead, should visit the charming villages situated upon the hills: some of them are visible from the Sanctuary. Miglionico, Grottole, Tricarico, Grassano, are all rich of historical testimonies such as: churches, towers, and old buildings.

Reaching them is quite easy: if you are in Matera, just take the state road no.7 and then follow the indications to get to the village. To conclude, just a curiosity: the state road no.7 was built by the ancient Romans and joined Rome to Brindisi, in Apulia.


The Sanctuary and the natural
environment around it.


The mysterious site
of Altojanni.