Interior with Figure
Night Spot, before Closing Time
Evening Aperitif in Business Complex
Eating Eating
Evening Conversation in Modern Urban Park
Figures in Bar
Rome, Multiethnic Station
Italian Family in Interior
Square with White Collar Workers Exchanging Some Words
Industrial Outskirts
Dawn over Business Complex
Dawn over Power Station
Going Shopping
Latin America !
Genoa Rivarolo, Girl Putting on Make-up before Going Dancing
Solitary and Unattached in Evening
In Company of PC
Figure Sitting in Interior
Genoa, Urban Bagneuse
Sense of Emptiness
Woman Sitting in Apennines in Summer
Genoa, Women at Night
Palermo, Man of Respect
Irpinia, Opening of State Enterprise
Milan, Autumn Afternoon in City Centre Street
Genoa, White Collar Workers on Way to Work
Milan, Event on Lake 'Fashion Meeting'
Sketch for Election Poster, to be Offered to Christian-Democrat Politician
Sketch for Election Poster, to be Offered to Socialist Politician
Gulf War: 'The General Who Will Save Us'"
Rome, Ministry Office
Time Flows Like a River Which Can't be Stopped...
Cesenatico, Dancing Dancing
The Flight
Napoli...And Kids Keep on Playing!
Little Girl's Dream
Torino, on Saturday Night
Milan, Sleeping Out
Woman Sleeping in Interior
Genoa, Night Club with Women Awaiting Clients
Isla de Cuba !
Amazonia !
Insomnia !
Bologna, Sex and Television
Milan, in Office Awaiting Weekend
Genoa, Works Canteen
Torino, Releasing Red Balloon Towards Sky
Rome, Hurried Call on Passing on Rainy Evening
Rome, August, Family Leaving on Holiday
Italian Tourists around World
Milan, in Underground
Milan, The Flying Bookkeeper
Genoa, Absence of Control
Milan, Dragged by Unusual November Wind
Pianura Padana: 'Decontamination'
Big Eyed Mutant Man
Leaves live
Rimini, Diving, Diving!
Battle Scenes in Post-Industrial Countryside
Genoa, Polluted Sea, Bathing Prohibited!
Genoa, Playing Sax
Milan, Giant Flies at San Babila
Bank Clerks during Lunch Hour
Paris, Morning in Café
Paris, Evening Wind Blowing
Croatia, Bathers Suspecting War in Sky
Sarajevo, Days of Hatred
Woman Waiting
Genoa Sestri, Strange Malaise on Westward Bound Bus
Russia, Tourists Lost in Immense Outskirts
Man in Interior with White Powder
Memory Breakdown
Post-Industrial Countryside
Genoa, Woman Putting on Make-up on Summer's Night
Mother Escaping from City
Paris, Nuclear Restaurant
New York, Playing Sax Morning and Night
Marseilles, Loving Each Other in Extreme Way
Rome in Still of Evening
Genoa Cornigliano... Flying over West of City
Napoli Bagnoli, Three Dancers on Moonlit Nights
Barcelona, in South-European Metropolis
Moscow 1989, Underground. Waiting...
Genoa, Bather at Sunset on Last Beach in West
Berlin, Kissing Each Other in Seemingly Never-Ending Metropolis
Copenhagen: Diversity
Milan, Woman Meditating Alone in Kitchen
Padania, Post-Nuclear Afternoon
Genoa, Family Group on Free Beach
Genoa, Local Health Clinic
Berlin, Afternoon in Shopping Arcade
Milan, Man Allergic to Television: "Videophobia"
Milan at 9: People Waiting for Bus
Milan, Sunset over Ring-road
Casalpusterlengo, Padania: Two Street-Sellers Sunday in Autumn at 15.30