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ISD project - Italian Scenery Design : we are a crew of scenery maker for Microsoft Flight SImulator. Our main idea is that to create quality sceneries (yes, more than payware sceneries!) especielly for the italian area. Actually the members are: Alessandro Savarese Alessandro Simonato, Federico Pinotti , Thomas Boscolo, Rares Petruc, Nicola Purrello, Moreno Bernath , Andrea Salvatore e Stefano Gazich .

 the sceneries

Do you want to fly on an unbelievable scenery? You won't believe to your eyes!


Do you prefer an airport among the italian ones? Then write down here its ICAO code. We will develop the more voted airport!

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If you want to have a look at some previews of our scenery that are under development, please click here

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