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Canicattini Bagni (SIRACUSA) - Italy
Pst-Stru is a PSTricks package devoted to Structural Analysis. Born in October 2003, its features involve a consistent part of Civil Engineering Structures and Stress Diagrams, and represents the first step of large applications in this field.
Pst-Stru could be useful for engineers who are familiar with TeX/LaTeX, especially when small sketches or drawings need for daily reports.
Two men strongly contributed to the birth and growth of this Pstricks package: Lorenzo Roi and Manuel Luque, whose (short) profiles are shown besides.
Lorenzo Roi has been the person who opened my eyes in the world of Pstricks. Without him, and its continous contacts for any kind of advices, these pages would never seen the light. Manuel Luque inspired the whole work. Going around his package Pst-circ I realized the similarity of electrical circuits with structural bearings, where Pst-Stru started from. He is the author of Pst-Stru main macro \psArrowCivil.

Last Updating: November 9, 2003