MKF VARA Many Activities Club





Embarkation: Gone out tollgate Sestri Levante, in province in Genoa, he reaches the commune of Casarza Ligure and then the fraction of Bargone. From the small plaza it is continued in slope direction Bocco. As soon as you pass the houses are developed to the right in descent to the first crossroad and he reaches the river.
Unloading: After the alternative that hands to Bargone it is found the alternative that hands to Campegli. To take the slope and to park in the line excavated that part from the first curve on the left. The small road coasts along an industrial zone.
Lasted descent: Times 4:00
Equipment: Rope mt 30, rope mt 15, impermeable torch.
Description: he treats of a proper stream for a first approach with this sporting activity, equipped with cables in steel inox and nails to crack (always double). The first line is a continuous series of jumps (max mt 6) all to face with rope, the scarce backdrop doesn't allow dives. Some, alternated by puddles is go faced following with the same rope. The second line is more discontinuous but the jumps are more tall and binding. The last jump is of meters 14 and it is the tallest. After the last passage in the river is continued for 20 minutes around, up to reach the rests of an old rolling shutter that it points out the exit to left. You crosses an old behavior for water that crosses three galleries. The last one is rather long dark and rich of mud but don't introduce any danger. You recommends the torch. Finished the behavior a brief path, between the pines, it will conduct to the car.