HEAD -  I based the head on the original GM's, reducing it of about 1/3 from its original dimension. I cut off a few mm of plastic in both width, length and thickness. Then I changed the opaque visor with a transparent one, using a piece of a reflector taken from an old car. The aiming gear mounted on the head was originally in one piece with the rest of the head, but I made it mobile, cutting it off and reassembling it with plasticard and sprue.

BODY - I used the body of the Vayeate, eliminating the parts that didn't agree with the design of the GM and my vision of the finished kit. I worked on it,  adding parts coming from the GM kit and new ones that I created. In fact, the air intakes, the skirts, the cockpit and the backpack are from the GM, while the part separating the skirts is new. The lower part of the body was squared with plasticard and putty, while the skirts were made mobile using small springs connected to the lower body. The upper and lower part of the body can still rotate, as in the Vayaete kit.

ARMS - The arms are based on the Vayeate kit, adding a lot of details from the GM. The forearm detail comes from the GM's leg, the shoulder covers are a join of GM and Vayeate parts.

LEGS - Legs and feet come front the Vayeate kit and were heavily worked upon to look as much as possible like the GM's. I added details cut off from the GM kit or handmade with whatever I found at home.

PAINTING - I used matt Humbrol enamels, mixing various colours to get what I needed. I don't have those paints anymore and I can't go in further detail about them.

WEATHERING - I extensively washed the finished kit with diluted matt black. I used silver for the most worn out parts. Finally I used the dry brush technique, always using matt black, for the  most stained parts.

Big Donut