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Musica & Memoria is a no profit web site, for educational and recreational purposes only, targeted to the musical culture diffusion, the web site is hence a collection, weekly updated, of information and memories about the world of music.

The main section of the site is a quite wide list of lyrics of popular music annotated and translated in Italian from English (main part), Portuguese – Brazilian and Spanish (few songs).
Warning: This section is under reorganization.

Above the artists covered the visitor can find R.E.M., Joan Armatrading, Van Morrison, John Lennon, Cranberries, Jefferson Airplane, David Crosby, Bruce Springsteen, Keith Jarrett, Miles Davis and many others.

Also included are information about music history, music and cinema, music and literature, together with a large number of images, record covers (mainly 45rpm records of the sixties).

The site is written of course mainly in Italian, but a foreigner visitor can find the information (i.e. images or lyrics) by means of the internal FreeFind search engine, linked in the home page.

Feedbacks and comments in English are welcomed and can be sent to the webmaster.

Authors: Webmaster Alberto Truffi, Brasil: Janaína Truffi, translations: Carla Roscioli

June 2003