Joan Armatrading

Walk Under Ladders (1981)






  1. I'm Lucky (Armatrading) - 3:05

  2. When I Get It Right (Armatrading) - 3:03

  3. Romancers (Armatrading) - 3:48

  4. I Wanna Hold You (Armatrading) - 3:46

  5. The Weakness in Me (Armatrading) - 3:33

  6. No Love (Armatrading) - 3:58

  7. At the Hop (Armatrading) - 3:26

  8. I Can't Lie to Myself (Armatrading) - 3:23

  9. Eating the Bear (Armatrading) - 2:59

  10. Only One (Armatrading) - 4:15


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Joan Armatrading




Iím lucky

Sono fortunata

Iím lucky

sono fortunata

I can walk under ladders

posso camminare sotto una scala

Yes Iím so lucky

Sž, sono cosž fortunata

That Iím as lucky

che sono fortunata

As me

come me


Struck it rich

Diventa ricco

Dirty rich

ricco in modo vergognoso


senza muovere un dito

And get richer

e ancora piý ricco

And the world

e il mondo

Loves a winner

ama i vincitori

Yes Iím so happy

Sž sono cosž felice

That youíre happy

che tu sia felice

With me

con me


You are happy too

Anche tu sei felice

Ainít you baby

non Ť vero, amore?

Numero uno

(Per prima cosa)

Living for

di vivere

Right now

qui e ora

And itís

e questo Ť



When Iím here

quando sono qui

With you

con te

Iím lucky

Sono fortunata

Iím lucky

sono fortunata

I donít need a bracelet

non ho bisogno di un braccialetto (portafortuna)

No salt

nŤ di sale

For my shoulder

da gettare dietro alle spalle

I donít own a rabbit

non ho una zampa di coniglio

No clover

non ho un quadrifoglio

No heather

nť aglio (1)

No cross

nť una croce

No wonder

nessuna meraviglia

Iím lucky

sono fortunata




You always say

Tu dici sempre

When I just messed up

Quando io ho appena buttato tutto all'aria

Did bad

Hai fatto male

Done wrong

Hai fatto una cosa sbagliata

Gone too far

Sei andata troppo lontano

Caused such pain

Hai provocato tanto dolore

Such shame

Una grande vergogna

Iím illegal

Sono illegale

See one sided

Tu vedi una parte sola

No fair

Non sei giusto

A sin there

Un peccato qui

Act queer

Manda tutto all'aria

Odd ball

Una palla fuori

I mishandle

Io (ti) maltratto

You trample

Tu cammini pesantemente

So strong

Cosž forte

Wear crown

Indossi una corona

Under foot

Sotto i piedi

Put upon

Mettila su

Hold down


When I get it right

Quando faccio la cosa giusta



Will you tell me please

Vuoi dirmi per favore

I wanna know

Lo voglio sapere

You always say no

(Perchť) dici sempre di no

You donít mean yes

(Perchť) non vuoi dire sž

No way

In nessun modo

Hold out


Turn around


Two refusals

Due rifiuti

Deaf ear turned here

Le orecchie chiuse

Not want

Non voglio

Leave room

Lasciare la camera

All fault here

(E) tutti gli errori qui

Shake head

Scuoti la testa

Drop dead

Vai al diavolo




Every day

Ogni giorno

My friends say

I miei amici mi dicono

Iím in the worst kind of trouble

Che sono nei peggiori guai

But they talk in vain

Ma loro parlano invano

I ainít listening

Non riesco ad ascoltare

I listen too often

Ho ascoltato troppo spesso

Where they get their wisdom

Dove porta il loro buonsenso

I shall never know

Non lo saprÚ mai

And I canít believe my ears

E non posso credere alle mie orecchie

Thereís fifty people

Ci sino cinquanta persone

Telling me to

Che mi dicono

Give it up

Di lasciar perdere

But I donít want to hear

Ma io non voglio ascoltare

Fortune tellers

Gli indovini

Seeing omens

Che annunciano cose di buon augurio

And writings on walls

E scritte sui muri

I think they falsify

Penso che loro falsificano la realtŗ

They mean to see me cry

Loro vogliono vedermi piangere

They offer less than my hopes

Offrono meno di quello che spero

Where they get their magic

Dove prendono la loro magia

I shall never know

Io non saprÚ mai

And I canít believe my eyes

E non posso credere ai miei occhi

They push the rainbows out

Loro scacciano via l'arcobaleno

And give you

E ti offrono

Storm skies

Cieli tempestosi

But I donít want to know

Ma io non voglio sapere

Iím living in a foolís paradise

Io sto vivendo in un paradiso di folli

Iím living on false hope

Io sto vivendo su false speranze

And lies

E bugie

Iím gonna be rejected

Io sarÚ respinta

Let down

Lasciata cadere

Expect it

Me lo sento

Iím living in a foolís paradise

Io sto vivendo in un paradiso di folli

My baby say

Il mio ragazzo lo sa

Itís all alright

Che Ť tutto a posto

Thatís good enough for me

Che Ť abbastanza per me

Say pay no heed to idle minds

Dice di non dare retta a menti oziose

Theyíre all romancers

Loro sono solo degli autori di storie d'amore.




You got the look

Tu hai l'aspetto


Che piace a me

You make the people stare

Tu fai rimanere la gente a bocca aperta

And itís getting me

E questo mi sta mettendo

In a state

In uno stato di agitazione

Youíre going out

Tu stai uscendo

With someone

Con qualcuno

I donít approve of

Io disapprovo

And itís getting me

E questo mi sta mettendo

In a state

In uno stato di agitazione

I see you in a restaurant

Ti vedo in un ristorante

I wanna hold you

Ti voglio

I see you with your mother

Ti vedo con tua madre

I wanna hold you

Ti voglio

I see you when you donít see me

Ti vedo quando tu non mi vedi

I wanna hold you

Ti voglio

I wanna hold you

Ti voglio

In my arms

Tra le mie braccia

And I wanna

E voglio

Love you


I want you

Voglio te

And Iím gonna try

E ci proverÚ

Iím searching

Sto cercando

But I donít know

Ma non so

Why I bother

PerchŤ sono agitata

ĎCos Iíve seen you

Perchť ti ho visto

And you look

E tu sempri

Just right

Proprio quello giusto




Iím not the sort of person

Who falls


And quickly


Of love

But to you I gave my affection

Right from the start

I have a lover

Who loves me

How could I break such a heart

Yet still you get my attention

Why do you come here

When you know Iíve got troubles


Why do you call me

When you know

I canít answer the phone

Make me lie

When I donít want to

And make someone else

Some kind of an unknowingfocl

You make me stay

When I should not

Are you so strong

Or is all the weakness in me

Why do you come here

And pretend

To be just passing by

But I mean to see you

And I mean to hold you


Feeling guirty


Waking from tormented weep

This old love has me bound

But the new love

Cuts deep

If I choose now

Iíll lose out

One of you has to tall

And I need you

And you





You started out

Wanting my body

And I didnt mind

ĎGus we liked each other

And it also helped

To pass the time

Well everybody dreams of one

And now I want you

And not just

For fun

But if youíve got no love

To give

Baby donít give it here

I wanted you to be my lover

I would be your triend

And Iíd wear the purple shirt

ĎGus it makes you laugh

And I would too

Well it thereís

Anything I can do

I wanna do It

And if I had no love

To give

I wouldnít give it

To you

Your oest friendís


Told someone

I was the hurting kinG

And now theyíve

Planted that seed

And itís growing there

In your mind

Well if youíre looking for

A permanent mate

Just accept me

As your fate

ĎGus it I had no love to give

I woulonít give it

To you




All dressed up and we got somewhere

To go

Weíre all dressed up in our Sunday


Me and my baby see us walKing down

The road

Weíre going to the hop

Down at the hall youíll find us


Iím dancing right across the floor

Me and my baby

See the people

Hear them shout for more

Me and my baby

See us

Doing all those fancy steps

Weíre dancing at the hop

This dance is the coolest yet

One boy he grabs a foreign girl

And he never even asked her name

He wants a dance

And he wants it now

Wants it now

And he can dance

Let me show you how




Why here

Why now

Why so early

Why you getting down on me

You know youíre a

Beautiful person

But just now

You bother me

Itís so coincidental

You reaching out for me

Just when I got

All this money

And you

Footlose and fancy free

I love you like a brother

Iíll help you

Find your feet

But donít take advantage


Youíre ainít under me

Why so tall

So young

So handsome

You get the best of me

In your eyes

I see a reflection

You the beauty

Iím the beast

You got yourself

A lover

Canít take for a ride

But you know I love you


I cannot lie

You want some money

Kiss and cuddle too

Take it all now baby

Itís always been for you

I canít lie to myself




He had me down

But I put up a fight

I saw those teeth

And I groped for my knife

Big brown bear

With the juice from his mouth

He could taste my leg

And he thought heíd got me

But I am eating the bear

He lurked around

ĎCos he knew where I lived

Iím in the jungle

And he means to eat me

He means to eat me

Heís a hungry bear

He touched my arm

And he thought heíd got me

But I am eating the bear

Some days the bear

Will eat you

Some days you eat the bear

And I am eating the bear

Itís not just girls

He eats who he wants

Heís big and strong

Fights dirty

And mean

If you spill some blood

Heíll smell you for miles

You better watch out

ĎCos heís right behind you




I wanna be just where you are

Voglio essere dove sei tu

I wanna take you so far

Voglio portarti lontano

Away with me

con me

I wanna be your only one

voglio essere la sola donna per te

I wanna be te one you run to when youíre down

voglio essere quella da cui tu corri quando sei giý

I wanna be the one you love

voglio essere quella che tu ami

I wanna be the only one you want around

voglio essere l'unica persona che tu vuoi attorno

Make me feel good

fammi sentire bene

Make me feel fine

fammi sentire bella

Beautiful eyes

occhi belli

Promise of paradise

promessa di paradiso



I tipici simboli della fortuna sono diversi nei paesi anglosassoni, trifoglio al posto del quadrifoglio, erica (heather) Ť stata tradotta con aglio, ecc.


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