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* In this site you can find all my Pocket Pc projects
* Most are games, other are useful programs such as FudoClock
* More games will be added, so return soon!
* All of them are totally free!

The Free Stuff

Tank Busters

It's the second world war and you are commanding your line of tank throught enemy lines when... You are attaked!
Save as much tank as you can into the castle, avoiding enemy bombs!
This is the transposition of one of my preferred "game & watch" - though it has no watch it is amusing.

Download Tank Busters.zip (size 88.2 Kb)

Fudo Clock

Ok, you have bought your new Pocket Pc and you are carring it all around. You have it with you at work, when you wait for the dentist, at the grocer... And obviusly you have your clock. But why?
Why you should take around with you another uncomfortable device, can't your Ppc do everything?
So here's your new graceful clock!

New! Fudo Clock now supports skinning! You can draw your own hands&back image making your own clock.

Download FudoClock.zip (size 161 Kb)

Alien Invasion

Aliens have invaded our space bases!
Kill as much alien as you can in this 3D First Person Shooter game!

Download Invasion.zip (size 201 Kb)

Free Hand CE

Need a simple (free :) program to draw things and take notes?
This is what you are looking for!

Download FreeHandCe.zip (size 49.5 Kb)

Tips 'n Tricks

How can I associate other than system programs to hardware buttons?
In Pocket Pc you can associate programs to hardware buttons to easily lunch them.
But if you try to associate a program that is not the note editor or windows media player you may find some problems.
What you have to do is to put a shortcut of your favourite program (eg. fudo clock :) in windows/start menu/programs

Can I create more then one subdirectory level into my "My Documents" folder?
If you try to create more than one level of subdirectories into the "My Documents" folder (eg. something like My Documents/bin/FudoClock) explorer say that this is impossible.
Thats happens because you are generating directories into your docked Ppc using your desktop computer, that is not correctly upgraded.
To fix that, create the directory using your Pocket Pc, and all will work.

Contact Me!

* Have any problems with my games?
* Have any suggestion about my games?
* Have any idea about a new game/utility?
Contact me at scoglu@inwind.it!

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Last Update: October 1 2004
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