Welcome to my Windows page!

* In this page you can find all my Windows projects
* There are games, programs and demo effects
* For some of them you will need an OpenGL compatible computer
* All of them are totally free!

The Free Stuff


Gravitron is a Shoot 'em Up in wich you control a satellite trying to destroy the other one. (lean and mean :)
Wiew is from top and computer is damn good.

Download Gravitron.zip (size 218 Kb)


The chess game.
When you loose by checkmate you can hear my inconfondible voice saing that I win. (that is one more reason to download anything else)

Download Chess13.zip (size 123 Kb)

Lego Cities

Remember the -alwais good- Lego? Now you can play it over your computer, build the city of your dreams and fill it up with strange looking - yellow faced men!

Download LegoCities30.zip (size 383 Kb)

Super Shoot

Pilot your new X-Wing and shoot down all that terrible Tie Fighters in a three dimensional Shoot 'em Up featuring cartoon rendering graphics!
(hope that Lucas never see this... :)

Download SuperShoot.zip (size 400 Kb)

Dungeon Slaughter

As an emissary of the king you are sent into a terrible dungeon pit.
Your mission is to fight your way throught the 8 levels of the pit.

Each level contains more than 800 enemies and lots of bonuses and gold!
Also look out for enemies generator! Destroy them before they fill up the
dungeon with terrible enemies!

Each time you restart the game a new pit is generated, assuring unlimited fun! (...)

Download Dungeon Slaughter.zip (size 247 Kb)

Buck Rogers

This is a remake of one of my preferred C=64 games.
Hit all the ships.

Download Buck Rogers.zip (size 70.1 Kb)


Acqua is a simple demo effect that simulates the movement of water, viewed by side.
Require a fast computer.

Download Acqua10.zip (size 33.8 Kb)

C++ Log

CppLog is a Prolog interpreter developed in C++, available in Gpl-2 license.
Actually is in phase Alpha, supported things are:
* n-th predicates symbols
* variables
* functions (also as variables)
lists are available as functions.

Note: prolog is a programming language based on logic (Pro-Log = Programmacone en Logique).

Download CppLog.zip (size 65.4 Kb)

Contact Me!

* Have any problems with my games?
* Have any suggestion about my games?
* Have any idea about a new game/utility?
Contact me at scoglu@inwind.it!

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Last Update: October 1 2004
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