P&C conferm their style and class, inacted in them and in their productions, as seen in the version of their new video: HEY! One would like to conferm the eroticness of two bodies: undoubtably beautiful and well-proportioned in an air of purity and of class. All is invoked with provacative immages: kisses, nudity, bath tubes, flowers, and cow-skin rugs. Central scenes with roughness, little purity but ideal for the video's message. A conformation of Tommasini's talent and of the many interpretations, recited and not only musically, but with the beautiful italian music. A shameless video: aware of the scandel and dishonarable thoughts but beautiful thoughts but eloquent with liberty and corage of the two girls, born to amaze and not sitting on the moments


It is the new song launch from the album Festival. The video was filmed in Rio de Janeiro, unfortunatly the weather wasn't very favorable during shooting. However, the bad weather did not ruin the quality of the video, infact it gave it a better mood to the alternative lighting. Festival is a very hot video: seen with the shaded colors, seen with the atomosphere and also showing the sexy side of the two sisters.

Until the end

It is the story of a person that has a strong passion, not corresponded, now that this sentiment becomes so intense that it transforms into a unrestrainable dance! The song is composed with a guitar and stylisly with the Argentino Tango in the original version. For the radios exist the 2001 version that has a 70's/80's spirit and is the official one! The song is in Lab-it does not follow an harmonic linear outline at the tone, infact it is full with modulations. On the new edition of Television (2001) you will find the acoustic version in italian and the portugese version on the cd single. For the television promotions, the two artists chose the tango as a scenic expression of the song. The tango is sentimental and passionate, close to the people (even the unknown ones) and tansfigures physical and beauty standards. Vamos a Baile(...did you say something?) it is a form of saying between people of all ages that go until late at night at the famous milangas, the locals were they play and dance the tang. The words of the song were a retro choice: they are words such as rose, temptation, enigma, hell and paradise, musica, etc. and even that je veux dancer avec toi (i want to dance with you in French) that wants to transmit the same concept of Vamos and Viva. In the choreography, the tango becomes a sort of a funny milatary march and in outline gives a rule of which one can be sweeped away.

Viva el Amor!

The third brand taken from the Televison album, the third fortunate album of the two singing sisters. The song was translated in english and spanish and is accompanied with a video very sexy-glam. More about Viva?... Viva is an hymn, a prayer: it addresses an entity or a person that can protect from soffering (non voglio piu` questa tristezze:I don't want anymore of this sadness). The words express the attempt to emancipate oneself of reality and use the immage of the bed (the place were one is born, one loves, one dies) and of the garden (the place of cult where man puts things in order and looks to dominate nature) in the second, like a symbol of humanity and vitality. Each person in the video of Viva is searching for something: it could be fun, love, sex, or even God. The introduction and the conclusion of the clip gives the impression that there is no beginning and no end. In the video all of the people, Paola and Chiara, each have a individual situation in front of the camera (immages of the mirror and behind the strechting of the glass) alternative moments of collective ecstasy, where the celebration of sentiments finds inself at the maximum in the dancing, more casual than choreographed. The simbolic concept of the dance is like a rebirth, and the thematic predominence not only in Viva, but in all the songs on the P&C albums.

You give me love

It is the second song taken from the Television album, the one that has already sold millions of copies. he video was shot late at night, in spectacular Paris, the sisters did not want the characteristic parts of the city to be shown, but that it seems like it is a city like any other. Infact everything is of little particularity. P&C in the late night go out to express all of themselves. Infact the video is very fascinating and sweeps you away, a true good job.

Vamos a bailar (esta vida nueva)

It is one of the radio torments of the end of spring. P&C said they did not write a song of latin taste to ride the fashion of the moment. They wanted a more sad melody to refrain from a burst of energy: they liked andiamo a ballare questa vita nuova (we go to dance this new life) but in italian it played badly. Anyway, the video was shot in two versions: The first in a studio in Milan, that we have all almost seen; and a version dedicated to the english pubblic, shot in an enchanting Ibiza, in which one can uncover the flavour of summer and the sexy side of Paola and Chiara. Per our fortune the video is contained of the Television album (2001 version).