A web page dedicated to image processing with Python.

Hello, my name is Riccardo Trocca, a freshly graduated engineer from University of Genoa (Italy).
This web page will be dedicated to whatever you can use to do image processing with that wonderful language called Python (www.python.org).
By now I have no time to create a decent homepage, therefore you should be content with these few lines.
The first tool you need to do  image processing on Python is the PythonWare PIL library (www.pythonware.com). Unfortunately, there is no version 1.1.3 precompiled for python 2.2 on win32. Well, I decided to compile it by myself and put on this website a copy of the installer. Beware, however, that this build is not fully tested, I've just tried it with the test suite provided with PIL itsef and some of the scripts in the Scripts folder of the PIL distribution. My advice is that you install my version and then start toying with the examples included in the source distribution you find on the PythonWare website.

Another disclaimer and then I'm done:
I have some doubt about TIFF handling. The tifflib library is a little bit hard to build and I discovered that I've used an old version (3.4) instead of the newest (3.5.7). I'll fix this soon.
In the future I should post some module that I'm working on (just allow me the time to develop a clean distro) that allows Python to open AVI files and QuickTime files in order to extract single frames from them. I've also developed another module to grab pictures from a framegrabber that supports DirectShow. There is already one, called VideoCapture that you can find at http://stud4.tuwien.ac.at/~e9326522/VideoCapture/. I created another one because VideoCapture went on crashing on my PC with a Philips webcam and also required a working copy of PIL for python 2.2, that, till now, I did not have.

Ok, enough blah blah, here is the..

Files section

PIL-1.1.3.win32-py2.2-20020809.zip  it is a graphical installer for PIL 1.1.3 for Python 2.2 (win32) created with DistUtils. (08/09/2002)