Here I am: my name is I'm a young female boxer and I come from Rolanus breed (near Torino, in Italy), there I was born in the 21' of June 2000

Now I live with two new mates, Diego and Monica and a lot of new friends.

When I first came in my new home I was two months old. Eating, sleeping and playing with anything I could catch (including Monica and Diego) were my favourite sports. I also loved crawling inside flower-beds and rolling down over my home staircase.

Now that I'm three years old I think I've got nothing left to learn about life. I go school since I was five (months) and I can consider my self as a pretty good mannered girl, almost a lady! (I even went through an obedience exam)

I must admit that time to time I keep making some trouble, but my friends never get hungry

So, keep following this site, I will never get tired of showing you how beautiful and clever I am !

My first diploma!

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The BH diploma

My pedigree