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April, 11 2002

by Rob Baker
Clubhouse Writer and Draft Analyst

Hi Niner fans,
Well itís getting closer to that time of year again, the draft. Last season I started the ĎIf I was Bill Walshí column, basically saying who Iíd draft if I was GM of the 49ers. Well Billís not the GM any more, and Terryís got the job, so this year Iím the new Terry Donahue. As the weeks narrow down to the two big days, Iíll hopefully update this a couple of times, depending on Free Agent signings and draft trades etc. I would also like to hear your comments on the 49ers Clubhouse Message Board, or drop me an E-Mail if you have a question.

Rob Baker
49ers Clubhouse

Round 1   Pick 27
Derek Ross     CB     Ohio St.     JUNIOR
With Tony Parrish now a niner, I donít really see a need to draft another S so high, especially with Zack Bronson, John Keith, Ronnie Heard and Al Blades. Iíve never been a massive fan of Jason Webster starting, so heíd be moved to a nickelback. Ross would probably be available early second round, but Iím very high on this guy. Heís big, a good cover guy and a product out of Ohio St. who recently have produced top notch CBs such as Ahmed Plummer, Nate Clements and Shawn Springs. I wouldnít risk trading down to get this stud.

Round 2   Pick 29   Overall 61
Kendell Simmons     OG     Auburn
Seeing Iím GM, Iíd keep Ray Brown for one more season and groom Simmons. He has great technique, but has trouble with injuries, which is why he has fallen this low. The 49ers could go and sign Chris Naeole or Ron Stone, but theyíll cost big bucks. Keeping Brown for one, or hopefully two seasons, give Simmons the chance to find out what the NFL is like, and learn from a great OG.

Round 4   Pick 29   Overall 125
Travis Dorsch     K     Purdue
I can see half of you thinking Ďoh my god, why am I reading thisí, well hear me out. I am sick and tired of seeing the niners have second-rate kickers and punters just to save a buck. Lets face it, a decent K IS the difference between winning the Super Bowl and a wasted season. Ask New England, thanks to Adam Vinatieri, the Patriots won the AFC Championship game in OT, and who could forget Vinatieriís Super Bowl winning kick? Look at the four conference championship teams, Oakland, Sebastian Janikowski, New England, Adam Vinatieri, St Louis Jeff Wilkins and Philadelphiaís David Akers. All are reliable, and Iíd trust them when the game is on the line. Now, Jose Cortez I donít want back, he started well, but was a joke at the end. Itís time to stop being cheap and draft a K that we will keep for more than a season. Dorsch can also punt, so if the rookie free agent that Iíd pick up after the draft fails, he could even be tried there. 

Round 5   Pick 28   Overall 163
Mike Collins     OG     Wake Forest
Why two OGs? Well Collins can play OT as well as OG, and this is another guy I like a lot. But mainly, the OL isnít getting any younger; the last OL drafted was Tyrone Hopson in the 1999 draft. Itís time to bring in some new blood.

Round 5   Pick 37   Overall 172
David Pugh     DT     Virginia Tech
After Iíd release Reggie McGrew, a backup DT would be needed. On DTs though, Iíd keep BY as a DT. He played a great game at Green Bay, but with Andre Carter, John Engelburger and Chike Okeafor, we have three young DEs with promise. Young is one of the best DTs in the league and there isnít a DT with the niners that could replace him, so why jeopardize one position for another?

Round 6   Pick 29   Overall 191
Ryan Flemming     WR     Air Force
A big receiver at 6í4Ē, and Streets and Stokes just arenít performing. Oh, seeing Iím GM, JJ Stokes, youíre released!!! Streets to start with TO, and Flemming and Cedrick Wilson can be rotated around for 4 WR sets. A Free Agent WR (my preference would have been Bobby Shaw before he went of to Jacksonville) to play in 3 WR sets.

Round 7   Pick 28   Overall 223
Scott Fujita     OLB     California
No depth at LB, and depth is desperately needed, especially seeing Alex Lincolnís future is still in question.

Round 7   Pick 39   Overall 249
Todd DeLamaileure     ILB     Hofstra
Again, depth is needed

Round 7   Pick 46   Overall 256
Nick Murphy     P     Arizona St.
The 49ers need a punter. Iíd draft Murphy, pick up an undrafted free agent, and keep Baker, and let them battle for the position in camp.

- JJ Stokes  WR
Given his chance, didnít take it
- Reggie McGrew  DT
After last off-season, I would have gotten rid of him straight away
- Greg Clark  TE
Injuries and Eric Johnson led to his departure
- Junior Bryant  DT
Career ending injury

- Terry Killens  LB  Denver
I would have kept Killens, but he decided that Denver will give him more chances
- Lance Shulters  S Tennessee
Too higher demands , and I donít have enough patients!
- George McCullough CB
Too much talent out there 
- Rick Mirer  QB  Oakland
Never been a massive fan of Mirer
- Ben Lynch  C
Again, not a massive fan 
- Jose Cortez  K
Started well, ended horribly

Free Agents Signed:
- Tony Parrish  S  Chicago
A nice, if not better replacement for Shulters
- Bobby Shaw  WR  Pittsburgh
Heís gone to the Jaguars, but I would have gone after very early in the piece


QB  Jeff Garcia     Tim Rattay       Gio Carmazzi
HB  Garrison Hearst Kevin Barlow     Paul Smith     Jonas Lewis
FB  Fred Beasley    Terry Jackson
TE  Eric Johnson    Justin Swift     Brian Jennings
WR  Terrell Owens   Tai Streets      Ryan Flemming 
WR  Bobby Shaw      Cedrick Wilson   Vinny Sutherland
LT  Derrick Deese   Dave Costa
LG  Ray Brown       Kendell Simmons  Chad Ward
C   Jeremy Newberry 
RG  Dave Fiore      Mike Collins
RT  Scott Gragg     Matt Willig

LDE  John Engelburger   Chike Okeafor 
LDT  Dana Stubblefield  David Pugh
RDT  Bryant Young       John Schlect
RDE  Andre Carter       Bobby Setzer
LOLB Julian Peterson    Scott Fujita
MLB  Derek Smith        Todd DeLamailleure   Alex Lincoln
ROLB Jeff Ulbich        Jamie Winborn
LCB  Ahmed Plummer      Jason Webster        Anthony Parker
RCB  Derek Ross         Rashad Holman
SS   Tony Parrish       John Keith           Al Blades
FS   Zack Bronson       Ronnie Heard

Travis Dorsch
Nick Murphy

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