CBS SportsLine - Mock Draft

April 10, 2002

By Pete Prisco wire reports

With less than two weeks to go until the NFL Draft, it's time for an update of the mock draft. Several developments around the league have impacted what a team might do come April 20. This will not be the final mock, but hopefully it gives a clearer picture of what might happen in the first round. 

Mock Draft
Team Player Position School
1. Houston Texans David Carr QB Fresno State
The Texans have already committed to taking Carr. Now all they have to do is work out a contract with him.
2. Carolina Panthers Julius Peppers DE North Carolina
The Panthers are still interested in Texas corner Quentin Jammer, but in the end they will take the local kid.
3. Detroit Lions Quentin Jammer CB Texas
He is the best corner on the board, and the Lions need corner help. But will they regret passing on Joey Harrington?
4. Buffalo Bills Mike Williams T Texas
He's the meaner of the two tackles and should help a line that needs a big-time presence. Can move Jonas Jennings to guard.
5. San Diego Chargers Bryant McKinnie T Miami
New coach Marty Schottenheimer loves to play ground-control football. Getting a tackle like McKinnie will make that possible.
6. Dallas Cowboys Roy Williams S Oklahoma
This pick will be debated long and hard. The Cowboys will likely also consider Miami cornerback Phillip Buchanon and Tennessee defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. BC running back William Green is another possibility, although that has cooled some lately.
7. Minnesota Vikings Albert Haynesworth DT Tennessee
He's only 20 and there are some maturity issues, but Mike Tice will be the perfect coach to work him into the kind of lineman he can become. 
8. Kansas City Chiefs Ryan Sims DT North Carolina
By signing Johnnie Morton, they no longer will take a receiver. This team loves Sims. He is a safe, sure pick on most teams' rankings.
9. Jacksonville Jaguars Wendell Bryant DT Wisconsin
The Jaguars also would love Sims, or one of the two offensive tackles, but since they are gone, the Jags take the next best defensive tackle. 
10. Cincinnati Bengals Joey Harrington QB Oregon
If they don't make a deal for a veteran passer, such as Drew Bledsoe, they can't possibly pass up this guy, could they? If they do, the Bengals might opt to take Buchanan. For now, we're saying they can't be stupid enough to pass on Harrington.
11. Indianapolis Colts Phillip Buchanon CB Miami
The Colts are in dire need of a shut-down corner. If Buchanon falls to them, they'll be thrilled. He will be a Pro Bowl player.
12. Arizona Cardinals John Henderson DT Tennessee
This is a perfect match. A penetrating tackle who can learn from line coach Joe Greene.
13. New Orleans Saints Kalimba Edwards DE South Carolina
The Saints would love to get a pass-rush threat opposite Darren Howard. Edwards has John Abraham-like talent. They will wait to get the receiver later.
14. Tennessee Titans Lito Sheppard CB Florida
The secondary is a worry area for this team. Might also opt for an offensive or defensive linemen.
15. New York Giants Levi Jones T Arizona State
With Lomas Brown gone, this pick makes a lot of sense. Will also consider tight end Jeremy Shockey.
16. Cleveland Browns William Green RB Boston College
Butch Davis wants a feature back. He saw what Emmitt Smith meant to the Cowboys and Green has those same qualities.
17. Atlanta Falcons Donte Stallworth WR Tennessee
The Falcons are thrilled the best receiver on the board fell to them. Michael Vick can't overthrow this guy, can he?
18. Washington Redskins Jabar Gaffney WR Florida
They will consider a guard or a pass-rush end, but in the end Spurrier convinces Dan Snyder to take another receiver.
19. Denver Broncos Charles Grant DE Georgia
The Broncos are in need of pass-rush help. Grant has made a major move up this board.
20. Seattle Seahawks Jeremy Shockey TE Miami
They lost out in their pursuit of Shannon Sharpe, but this will turn out to be a better move. This kid will be a big-play receiver in Mike Holmgren's offense.
21. Oakland Raiders Dwight Freeney  DE Syracuse
He's a speed rusher, and we know how Al Davis loves those guys.
22. N.Y. Jets Larry Tripplett DT Washington
He's the perfect player for coach Herman Edwards' system. This guy will be a star with his quickness.
23. Oakland Raiders Ashley Lelie WR Hawaii
Jerry Rice and Tim Brown aren't kids, and this kid can fly. He's a perfect Al Davis choice.
24. Baltimore Ravens Anthony Weaver DT Notre Dame
The inside of their defensive line is gone. Weaver will help replenish that area.
25. New Orleans Saints (from Miami)  Antonio Bryant WR Pittsburgh
The Saints love this kid, but they might also go defense here again. Nebraska G Tonio Fonoti is another possibility.
26. Philadelphia Eagles T.J. Duckett RB Michigan State 
They aren't convinced Duce Staley or Correll Buckhalter can get them to the Super Bowl. Duckett is big and fast.
27. San Francisco 49ers Mike Rumph CB Miami
The 49ers love this kid, and they need a third corner. His stock has risen, so they hope he stays here. Another possibility is Florida tackle Mike Pearson.
28. Green Bay Packers Napoleon Harris LB Northwestern
The Packers need an upgrade at linebacker, and Harris has the speed to rush the passer. This is a steal here.
29. Chicago Bears Mike Pearson T Florida
The future of Blake Brockermeyer is uncertain, and right tackle James Williams is on his last legs. Pearson has outstanding feet and will improve as a run-blocker as he learns better technique.
30. Pittsburgh Steelers Dennis Johnson DE Kentucky
He's a little light to play down end in the Steelers' defense, but he has the frame to add weight. Could also possibly stand up in the 3-4 scheme.
31. St. Louis Rams Andre Davis WR Virginia Tech
We know Mike Martz loves speed, and Davis has it. Davis will be a big improvement over Az-Zahir Hakim as the No. 3 receiver.
32. New England Patriots Toniu Fonoti G Nebraska
The interior of the line still has some questions. What better place for Fonoti than John Hannah's old team.