2nd Round

By Rodney Lakin, Staff Writer 
April 07, 2002  
 *denotes underclassman and projected trades

1. Houston - David Carr, QB, Fresno State
No NFL draft prospect was effected more by Joey Harrington's Fiesta Bowl performance than David Carr. For Carr, who I think was the Texans #1 choice all along, now has a market competitor. This means that the Texans can negotiate Carr's contract against what Harrington might be asking for and, thus, drive down his price. This type of contractual chess was used by the last expansion team, the Cleveland Browns, in the 1999 draft. That year Cleveland used Akili Smith for leverage in order to get a better deal out of #1 pick Tim Couch. Couch, like Carr, was the Browns first choice all along, however the threat of drafting Smith scared Couch (and agent) enough to shave a couple of million off their demands. Harrington, too, will cut some money off of Carr's first NFL contract and help the Texans save a couple of bucks. 

2. Carolina - Julius Peppers, DE, North Carolina*
John Fox's arrival further solidifies the assumption that Peppers will be drafted here. Fox and Carolina can't afford to take the bad (instate) publicity that would come with passing on the #1 prospect, even if the Panthers get a knock out deal for his services. Drafting Peppers would provide a spark to the Panthers defensive line, which has produced the fourth worst sack total in the NFL this past season.

3. Detroit - Quentin Jammer, CB, Texas
Matt Millen is going to find out that trading out of the top 3 is not as easy as it used to be. Nowadays teams are reluctant to move up this high, mainly because of the money that's involved. For example; last year, the Arizona Cardinals did not want to stay at #2, however there was no prospect attractive enough for another team to trade up for. No trade was made and the Cards ended up drafting Leonard Davis. This year Millen is hoping that either Joey Harrington or Bryant McKinnie is that attractive prospect, and, when it's all said and done, he may be right. If Detroit stays, however, expect them to draft either Jammer or Roy Williams from Oklahoma. 

4. Buffalo - Albert Haynesworth, DT, Tennessee*
At this point, Tom Donahoe and the Bills are leaning towards taking a defensive tackle instead of a quarterback (Harrington) or offensive tackle (McKinnie). If Haynesworth is drafted by the Bills, expect either Jeff Blake or Drew Bledsoe to be added before next season. 

5. San Diego - Bryant McKinnie, OT, Miami
The Chargers want to add an impact offensive lineman and they'll likely choose between McKinnie and Mike Williams from Texas. McKinnie is the higher rated prospect of the two and San Diego needs a left tackle (McKinnie) more than a right (Williams).

6. Dallas - Roy Williams, S, Oklahoma*
Dallas will try to move down if Jammer is not available. If they don't pull off such a deal, expect the Cowboys to draft Williams or a defensive lineman. 

7. Minnesota - Mike Williams, OT, Texas
Minnesota, at this point, would be interested in drafting an impact offensive tackle like Williams to help improve the league's 25th ranked ground attack instead of a defensive tackle, like Wendell Bryant or Ryan Sims , to help improve the NFL's 27th ranked pass rush. In 2000, the Vikings ranked 28th ( pass rush), and 6th (running game) in those two respective categories. 

8. Kansas City - Ryan Sims, DT, North Carolina
The plan (I'm told) is for the Chiefs to address their defensive needs (particularly DT) through the draft and acquire the teams offensive needs (WR and RT) through free agency. So far that plan isn't going to well, as Kansas City has lost out on key free agents like Tim Dwight, Az-Zahir Hakim, and Bill Romanowski.

9. Washington* (from Jacksonville) - Joey Harrington, QB, Oregon
The Redskins still need to find the "Gun" in Steve Spurrier's "Fun 'N' Gun" offensive system. Harrington has the gun, as well as the intelligence and poise. This will be a good fit all around.

10. Cincinnati - Phillip Buchanon, CB, Miami*
The Bengals could have two new starting corners in 2002. Buchanon is very similar to former Hurricane Duane Starks, the 10th overall selection in 1998.. 

11. Indianapolis - Wendell Bryan