Offensive Player Rankings

Mike Tuck

My top seven QB’s all have the potential to start in the NFL one day, with David Carr clearly leading the way. Carr and Harrington are likely the only two with a chance to be starting in week one. Rolivich, and Ramsey both played in pass-oriented offenses that required a lot of decision making from the QB position, which I think, will benefit them on the next level. Carr and Davey probably possess the strongest arms of the group. Dantzler is easily the best scrambler, but may have to take his abilities to Canada first to prove himself at the QB position.

1) David Carr, Fresno St.
2) Joey Harrington, Oregon
3) Kurt Kittner, Illinois
4) Patrick Ramsey, Tulane 
5) Nick Rolovich, Hawaii
6) Rohan Davey, LSU
7) Josh McCown, Sam Houston St.
8) Shaun Hill, Maryland
9) Woodrow Dantzler, Clemson
10) Brandon Doman, BYU
11) Dusty Bonner, Valdosta St.
12) Greg Zoleman, Vanderbilt
13) Bobby Pesavento, Colorado
14) J.T. O’Sullivan, Cal-Davis
15) David Garrard, East Carolina

Running Backs
William Green leads the list of my runningbacks entering the draft, but not by much. He is an explosive and strong runner, but doesn’t have breakaway speed. Foster is a similar back, who is equaled only by Peterson for the best stiff arm among the RB’s. For all the hype, T.J. Duckett never wowed me in college, but perhaps it had something to do with the line he ran behind. Portis is a patient, shifty runner; a smaller version of Edgerrin James. Hurst appeared to me to be the fastest back on the field, reminds me of another Husky back, Napoleon Kaufman. I like Chester Taylor and Adrian Peterson to emerge as later round surprises. 

1) William Green, Boston College
2) DeShaun Foster, UCLA
3) T.J. Duckett, Michigan St.
4) Adrian Peterson, Georgia Southern
5) Clinton Portis, Miami (FL)
6) Chester Taylor, Toledo
7) Lamar Gordon, North Dakota St.
8) Travis Stephens, Tennessee
9) Leonard Henry, East Carolina
10) Willie Hurst, Washington
11) Jonathon Wells, Ohio St.
12) Brian Westbrook, Villanova
13) Ladell Betts, Iowa
14) Maurice Morris, Oregon
15) Luke Staley, BYU
16) Dameon Hunter, Utah
17) Tellis Redmond, Minnesota
18) Delvon Flowers, Arizona St.
19) Dave Minnich, Washington St.
20) Tony Fisher, Notre Dame

Most people have Najeh Davenport as their #1 fullback, but I don’t for two reasons. I still question his blocking and he has suffered through two serious injuries. I’m not sure if he’ll hold up on the next level. Baxter is a banger, who just loves to block. Bartholomew impressed me with his strength at the combine and moved up on my list. 

1) Jarrod Baxter, New Mexico
2) Charles Stackhouse, Mississippi 
3) Najeh Davenport, Miami (FL)
4) Will Bartholomew, Tennessee
5) Jarrett Ferguson, Virginia Tech
6) Jamar Martin, Ohio St
7) Kyle Johnson, Syracuse
8) Chad Kuhns, Wisconsin
9) Tyree Foreman, Virginia
10) William McCray, FSU

Wide Receivers
Marquise Walker remains atop my receiver list. I love his size and competitiveness. Neither can be taught. Ron Johnson might be my sleeper pick of the whole draft. He impresses me with his “next level” ability in terms of making tough catches. Lelie is packed with potential. All the numbers looked great, but did it against lesser competition. No Florida receiver has ever wowed me, and neither do Gaffney or Caldwell. They will be good pros though. I had big concerns with Antonio Bryant long before the combine. Never impressed me at Pittsburgh. He had attitude problems and never showed up in big games.

1) Marquise Walker, Michigan
2) Ron Johnson, Minnesota
3) Ashley Lelie, Hawaii
4) Josh Reed, LSU
5) Andre Davis, Virginia Tech
6) Donte Stallworth, Tennessee
7) Cliff Russell, Utah
8) Jabar Gaffney, Florida
9) Nakoa McElrath, Washington St.
10) Antonio Bryant, Pittsburgh
11) Deion Branch, Louisville
12) Javon Walker, FSU
13) Kendall Newson, Middle Tennessee St.
14) Reche Caldwell, Florida
15) Atrews Bell, FSU
16) Kelly Campbell, Georgia Tech
17) Tim Carter, Auburn
18) Antwaan Randle-El, Indiana
19) Kahlil Hill, Iowa
20) Freddie Millons, Alabama

Tight Ends
In my eyes Jeremy Shockey holds a comfortable lead on Daniel Graham for the top TE spot. Shockey has the best hands, runs the best routes, and possesses the best competitive spirit among this TE group. Graham is very talented, but still drops passes he shouldn’t. Terry Jones Jr. is the most balanced TE in the group. He blocks well and catches well, but is outstanding in neither area.

1) Jeremy Shockey, Miami (FL)
2) Daniel Graham, Colorado
3) Jarramy Stevens, Washington
4) Justin Peelle, Oregon
5) Darnell Sanders, Ohio St.
6) Chris Baker, Michigan St.
7) Terry Jones Jr., Alabama
8) Derek Smith, Kentucky
9) Keith Hienrich, Sam Houston St.
10) Doug Jolley, BYU
11) Robert Royal, LSU
12) Tim Stratton, Purdue
13) Randy McMichael, Georgia
14) Matt Schoebel, TCU
15) Tracy Wistrom, Nebraska

Offensive Tackles
McKinnie is the top offensive tackle on my board and will remain there unless he gets hurt between now and the draft. I see him as a career pro-bowler. Williams needs to bring his weight down to remove concerns of him becoming another Aaron Gibson. Pearson is great player with good footwork, but needs to improve his strength. Jones is a great athlete who actually played defense at the start of his college career. 

1) Bryant McKinnie, Miami (FL)
2) Mike Williams, Texas 
3) Mike Pearson, Florida
4) Levi Jones, Arizona St.
5) Victor Rogers, Colorado
6) Terrance Metcalf, Mississippi
7) Marc Colombo, Boston College
8) Juaquin Gonzalez, Miami (FL)
9) Reggie Coleman, Tennessee
10) Chester Pitts, San Diego St.
11) Melvin Paige, South Carolina
12) Langston Walker, California
13) Tyson Walter, Ohio St.
14) David Volk, Nebraska
15) Jermese Jones, Virginia
16) Mike Collins, Wake Forest
17) Kurt Vollers, Notre Dame
18) Artis Micks, Memphis
19) Jeff Hatch, Penn
20) Matt Hill, Boise St.

Offensive Guards
Andre Gurode was the best lineman on the second best offensive line in the country last year, and is my choice as the top guard. Gurode demonstrated his great strength at the combine. Fonoti is an impressive physical specimen who is a crushing run blocker, but he did not do much pass blocking at Nebraska. And like all Nebraska linemen will have to make that adjustment to be successful in the NFL. Mitchell, Williams, and Smith are small school kids who can definitely play at the next level.

1) Andre Gurode, Colorado
2) Tonoi Fonoti, Nebraska
3) Kendall Simmons, Auburn
4) Qasim Mitchell, NC A&T
5) Fred Weary, Tennessee
6) Richard Williams, Gardner Webb
7) Martin Bibla, Miami (FL)
8) Jonathon Goodwin, Michigan
9) Frank Romero, Oklahoma
10) Eric Heitman, Stanford
11) Antwan Kirk-Hughes, Texas
12) Courtney Lee, Mississippi St.
13) Broderick Lancaster, Colorado
14) Lawrence Smith, Tennessee St.
15) John Miller, Duke
16) Manly Kanoa, Hawaii
17) Shannon Money, Arkansas
18) Kyle Kosier, Arizona St.
19) Evan Routzhan, Virginia
20) Karrell Johnson, South Carolina

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Bentley had an outstanding combine further solidifying his place as the top center in the draft. Bentley excelled in all phases and was the centerpiece in Ohio St. rejuvenated running game this past year. McKinney and Fowler project into the mid rounds. Despite being a Division II player, Ball could prove to be a hidden gem.

1) LeCharles Bentley, Ohio St.
2) Seth McKinney, Texas A&M
3) Melvin Fowler, Maryland
4) Craig Osika, Indiana
5) Jason Ball, New Hampshire
6) PJ Alexander, Syracuse
7) Scott Peters, Arizona St.
8) Zac Zedalis, Florida
9) Kyle Young, Clemson
10) Kyle Benn, Washington