Best Place Kickers / Punters

Mar. 28, 2002


This year's class is a little below average, with only four players projected to be drafted. Here's a look at those prospects and where we see them being selected on draft day.
  1. Dave Zastudil | Ohio | 6-3 225 | 5.22 40 Time 

  2. Zastudil is an elite prospect. He has a booming leg, yet has good control on his punts. He also has the ability to be a kickoff specialist, which adds to his value. 
    Ranking: No. 113, 4th Round.
  3. Travis Dorsch | Purdue | 6-6 210 | 5.08 40 Time 

  4. Dorsch is a very tall kicker with a strong leg. He's still fairly inconsistent at this point, but his strong leg should get him a shot to make somebody's roster. 
    Ranking: No. 167, 6th Round. 
  5. Todd France | Toledo | 6-2 185 | 4.93 40 Time 

  6. France is a wildcard prospect. At times he looks great and other times very bad. He has a strong leg and is more accurate from longer distances. If he can become more consist on the shorter kicks he may make a name for himself in the NFL. 
    Ranking: No. 198, 7th Round.
  7. Craig Jarrett | Michigan State | 6-2 220 | 4.85 40 Time 

  8. Jarrett has a big leg and has steadily improved throughout his college career. He looks like he has what it takes to make it at the next level. 
    Ranking: No. 206, 7th Round.