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49ers Books

We Were Champions: The 49Ers' Dynasty in Their Own Words
by Phil Barber, Michael Zagaris (Photographer), Bill Walsh
Hardcover: 208 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.81 x 8.50 x 9.34
Publisher: Triumph Books; ISBN: 1572434988; (September 2002)
For 15 NFL seasons, during which they won five Super Bowl titles, no team in pro sports captured the public’s fancy like the San Francisco 49ers. Thanks to a roster filled with superstars such as Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Ronnie Lott and an innovative coaching staff headed by the legendary Bill Walsh, the 49ers exuded an aura of invincibility in a sport in which every victory is hard fought.

This is the story of the San Francisco dynasty in the players’ own words, reflections and insights shared with the perspective of time, as they analyze the elements that combined to create pro football magic.

Beginning with a stunning victory over the Dallas Cowboys and a berth in Super Bowl XVI and continuing through a victory in Super Bowl XXIV, the vital figures in 49ers history recall the pivotal moments, the clutch plays, and the smooth transitions that pointed toward the top of the NFL mountain.

"When people ask me how many Super Bowl rings I have," lineman Jesse Sapolu says, "I don’t mean to show a disappointed face, but I just say, ‘Four.’ And they say, ‘You don’t look very excited about it.’ And I tell people, ‘Well, I lost five NFC Championship Games. That’s a lot of big games to lose.’ When I look back on my career, I should be sitting here with at least six, maybe seven Super Bowl rings."

We Were Champions features the rare behind-the-scenes photography of Michael Zagaris, the 49ers’ club photographer for more than two decades, in the definitive look at one of the most storied sports franchises.

The Million Dollar Backfield : The San Francisco 49Ers in the 1950s
By Dave Newhouse, Bill Walsh
October 2000 - Paperback - 250 pages
Frog Ltd; ISBN: 1583940073
This is the story of the lives and plays of 1950s San Francisco 49ers Y. A. Tittle, Hugh McElhenny, Joe Perry, and John Henry Johnson. All four were inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and left an indelible mark on the history of the game. The Million Dollar Backfield shows what made this most famous of backfields so extraordinary.

Glenn Dickey's 49ers: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of the NFL's Greatest Dynasty
By Glenn Dickey
July 2000 - Hardcover - 288 pages
Prima Publishing; ISBN: 0761522328
No team in the history of professional football has been as successful as the San Francisco 49ers. The celebrated San Francisco sportswriter Glenn Dickey reveals the untold story behind the headlines. He takes you into the back rooms where secret deals were made, into the minds of the men who built a powerhouse team, and onto the fields where legendary players performed spectacularly. This is a sweeping account of a team that has ridden a roller coaster of breathtaking highs and heartbreaking lows, and played some of the greatest football the world will ever see.

San Francisco 49ers - Audio CD
Madacy/M2 Entertainment; ASIN: B00004SG9L
April 2000
With this Audio CD you have the chance to live again some of the best and memorable moments of 49ers football. Listen to play by play calls together with some classic tailgate songs. You will have shivers down your spine!

Listen To Samples from
1. Opening Montage 
2. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag 
3. 'The Catch' - NFC Championship Game Vs. Cowboys: January 10, 1982 
4. Shakedown Street 
5. Super Bowl XXII Vs. Bengals: January 22, 1989 
6. Whole Lotta Shakin'
7. Bombs Away - Montana To Rice & Young To Taylor (Longest Pass Plays In Team History)
8. We Built This City
9. NFC Championship Game Vs. Rams: January 14, 1990
10. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
11. Jerry Rice Record Breaker
12. California Dreamin'
13. Super Bowl XXIV Vs. Broncos: January 28, 1990
14. We Are The Champions
15. Young Shreds The Rams: November 28, 1993
16. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
17. Ricky Runs Wild Vs. The Giants: NFC Divisional Playoff Game: January 15, 1994
18. Rock & Roll Part II
19. NFC Championship Game Vs. Cowboys: January 15, 1995
20. Shout
21. Super Bowl XXIX Vs. Chargers: January 29, 1995

The Steve Young Story
by Laury Livsey, Larry Livsey
Hardcover - 268 pages (October 1995)
Prima Publishing; ASIN: 0761501940
He was the highest-ranked passer in the National Football League in 1992 and '93, but San Francisco 49er quarterback Steve Young was tagged a "loser" when his team failed to win the Super Bowl during both campaigns. For years Young toiled in the shadow of his legendary predecessor, Joe Montana. But Young persevered. In 1994, he realized his quest for a Super Bowl ring.

If you are interested in the paperback edition of this title click here.
Paperback - (September 1996)
Prima Publishing; ASIN: 0761507566

Forty Niners : Collector's Edition
by Joseph Hession, Joe Hession, George Seifert
Paperback / Published 1997
Woodford Publishing; ASIN: 0942627334
264 pages 50th anniv edition
This anniversary edition is a fitting tribute to the leading team of the National Football League, and the first team to win five superbowls. This perennial bestseller, completely revised for the 50th anniversary, traces the history of the team from its inception in 1946 to its current superstar status, including an inside account of the most recent Super Bowl XXIX victory. 
50th ANNIVERSARY 49ers COLLECTORS' EDITION tells the whole story on Northern California's first major league sports team. Richly illustrated with exciting color and black and white action photographs, including rare and never-before-seen photographs from behind the scenes and on the field. Complete with interviews from current 49ers, Super Bowl team heroes and 49ers legends, this book is also packed with statistics, including an all-time roster, annual results and single season leaders. From "Alley-Oop" and the "Million Dollar Backfield" to "The Protectors" to "The Catch" and "Team of the Decade." It's all in 50th ANNIVERSARY 49ers COLLECTORS' EDITION, the most informative and up-to-date retrospective ever published on the 49ers.

Best Shots : The Greatest NFL Photography of the Century
by Joe Namath
Hardcover - 160 pages (September 1999)
DK Publishing; ISBN: 0789446391
Dimensions (in inches): 0.79 x 11.32 x 9.37
Football lends itself to still photography. Photos freeze football's chaos, allowing the viewer to examine the details. Photos also catch the game's great moments: Johnny Unitas reaching back to throw in the 1958 championship game; Barry Sanders defying gravity as he changes directions to avoid a tackle; Muhsin Muhammad at full extension crossing the goal line, ball first. Best Shots: The Greatest NFL Photography of the Century celebrates both the players and the photographers--Al Messerschmidt, Michael Zagaris, and Tony Tomsic, to name a few--who captured them. Some of these Best Shots offer glimpses behind the scenes--Joe Montana gathering his thoughts before Super Bowl XXXII, George Halas celebrating with his Bears after beating the Redskins 73-0 in the 1940 NFL Championship game--while others depict the game's highs and its lows--John Elway's horsey grin upon winning his second straight Super Bowl; Y.A. Tittle, head bloodied and bowed, after yet another loss. With a foreword by Broadway Joe Namath (himself caught injured on the bench, sulking in a fur coat and sunglasses), Best Shots is a wonderful look at the NFL's history--and a great gift for any football fan. - Sunny Delaney

Total Football II : The Official Encyclopedia of the National Football League (Total Football, 2nd Ed)
by Bob Carroll (Editor), Michael Gershman, David Neft, John Thorn (Editor), Mike Gershman (Editor)
Hardcover - 1664 pages (September 1999)
Harpercollins; ISBN: 0062701746
Dimensions (in inches): 2.88 x 11.50 x 9.00
At just over seven pounds, the updated Total Football II has the heft of a refrigerator (see William Perry, defensive tackle, p. 1173), and, at 1812 pages, it covers about as much ground as a scrambling quarterback (see John Elway, p. 774). It has all the requisite stats that make a sports reference necessary, but that's just the straight-ahead stuff good for three yards a carry. Where Total Football II breaks free is in the razzle-dazzle of its essays and opinions. Argue with its list of the 300 best players ever (good as he is, shouldn't Terrell Davis have a few more seasons under his belt before "all-time" is stamped on his helmet?). Study how the game's strategies evolved, and learn how to read their diagrams. Even discover how to decipher the mysteries of what the quarterback means when he calls "Red right. Eighteen. Bob odd oh. On three" in the huddle, gets up to the line of scrimmage, and barks, "Pro. Blue 32. Blue 32. Down. Hut! (Pause) Hut! Hut!" 
Football's blitz on the culture is covered in a series of smart essays that range from the mystique attending Super Bowl commercials to why football movies usually come up short. In a nifty examination of the game's penetration of the language, a scenario presents itself: "The average Joe woke up this morning, got into his car, found a seam in the northbound lane of the freeway, and drove to work. At his desk, he huddled with his coworkers, went over his game plan ..." and, well, you get the point. These are just some of the volume's many extra points, and it's the ingenuity of the extras that earn Total Football the right to celebrate in the end zone.
--Jeff Silverman

Greatest Football Games of All Time
by Hank Hersch, Sports Illustrated Magazine (Editor)
Hardcover - 220 pages illustrate edition (March 1998)
Time Life; ISBN: 1883013267
Dimensions (in inches): 0.64 x 11.55 x 9.27
A reader from USA , September 7, 1998
I laughed, I cried (well, almost). This book brought back memories of some of the greatest football games with fantastic photos and crisp text. Great holiday gift for a favorite fanatic.

Super Bowl: The Game Of Their Lives
by Danny Peary
Hardcover - 432 pages (August 1997)
Macmillan General Reference; ISBN: 0028608410
Dimensions (in inches): 1.42 x 9.59 x 6.48
Every football fan will want to read this enormously entertaining and authoritative history of the greatest annual contest in sports, served up by the leading Super Bowl legends of the past thirty years. Author Danny Peary enlisted the cooperation of key players from Super Bowl I through Super Bowl XXXI to chronicle each game, among them Bart Starr, Len Dawson, Roger Staubach, Franco Harris, Rocky Bleier, L.C. Greenwood, Jim Plunkett, Joe Montana, Phil Simms, Steve Young, and Neil ODonnell. Chosen for their star role, contribution, fame, or fascinating personality, each has a unique, informative, highly personal, and entertaining story to tell. In Super Bowl, they tell us about the drama leading up to the championship game; the rivalries between the two teams; the significance of the game in football history; the personalities, antics, emotions, and activities of team members on and off the field; the contributions of players to the teams effort and role each played as leader, motivator, hero, or goat; and, of course, the play-by-play action of the game itself. With an immediacy that brings readers inside the players heads, into the locker rooms, and out onto the line of scrimmage, Super Bowl is not only the history of the game unmatched in depth, scope, and insider knowledgeits also one of the most compelling sports books written in many years.

Official 1999 National Football League Record & Fact Book (Annual)
by National Football League
Paperback - 480 pages (July 1999)
Workman Publishing Company; ISBN: 0761117008
Dimensions (in inches): 1.14 x 10.74 x 8.04
An indispensable resource of vital stats, information, trivia, and more, The Official NFL Record & Fact Book is the only record book authorized by the NFL and distributed to media around the world. It contains all essential information for the game today, including: all-time NFL individual and team records; a complete listing of 1998 team and individual statistics; top individual rushing, passing, receiving, and quarterback sack performances of 1998; 1999 NFL draft summary; game-by-game summaries of the 1998 season; official records for postseason games, Super Bowl, and Pro Bowl; career coaching records; all-time team-versus-team results; and a special "Inside the Numbers" statistical highlights section.

Bill Walsh : Finding the Winning Edge
by Bill Walsh, Brian Billick, James A. Peterson
Hardcover - 300 pages (December 1997)
Sagamore Publishing, Inc.; ISBN: 1571671722
You don't win three Super Bowls with luck. Bill Walsh, head coach of the San Francisco 49ers during the great Montana years, provides an inside look at his tenure with a team that will be remembered as one of the era's most dominating professional sports organizations. It's all here: the West Coast Offense made famous by the 'Niners; the incredible attention to detail in the locker room and on the field; the clutch play-calling that resulted in timeless sporting moments such as "The Drive" that defeated Cincinnati in the final seconds of Super Bowl XXIII. Walsh took over a team in trouble and transformed it into a force to be reckoned with. In Finding the Winning Edge he reveals the methods behind this transformation, including his program for hiring and developing a staff; evaluating and acquiring key players; building a game plan; and overcoming the mental barriers that frequently plague talented teams; Walsh spares no details. Serious football fans and coaches will find this to be an invaluable resource for understanding the highest levels of the game.

Building a Champion: On Football and the Making of the 49ers
Bill Walsh, Glenn Dickey
Paperback / Published 1992 (Reissue Edition)
Mass Market Publishing; ASIN: 0312925794
Coach Walsh walks you through year-by-year his perspective on the 49ers magnificent decade. He also discusses his experiences with the Bengals and Chargers as an assistant as well as Stanford's leader. There is an appendix with some famous plays.

The San Francisco 49Ers : The First Fifty Years 
Glenn Dickey, Michael Zagaris (Photographer)
Published 1995
Turner Pub; ASIN: 1570361991
From Y.A. Tittle to Joe Montana, the San Francisco 49ers have defined great football for half a century, and this volume captures the sensational talent and hard-charging spirit that won five world titles. Special features include an All-Time Roster, year-by-year scores and statistics, sidebars on the best players and the biggest plays, and much more. Photos, many in color.

Jerry Rice (Sports Superstars)
Richard Rambeck
Library Binding / Published 1996
Relates the football career of the receiver for the San Francisco 49ers who scored more touchdowns than any other player in the history of the National Football League.

In the Huddle With...Steve Young
by Matt Christopher, S. Peters (Editor)
Paperback - 131 pages 1 edition (October 1996)
Little Brown & Co (Juv Pap); ASIN: 0316137936
Matt Christopher, the number one sports writer for kids, covers the childhood experiences, college careers, rookie years, and current professional standing of this outstanding athlete. It provides exciting play-by-play action of key games and insightful information on the people and events that enfluenced Young's life. Photos show Young doing what he does best.

Steve Young : NFL Passing Wizard (The Millbrook Sports World)
by Bill Gutman
Paperback - 48 pages (August 1996)
Millbrook Pr Trade; ASIN: 0761301348
Covers the personal life and football career of the quarterback who played at Brigham Young University and with the San Francisco 49ers and was named Most Valuable Player in Superbowl XXIX in 1995.

Joe Montana's Art and Magic of Quarterbacking
by Joe Montana, Richard Weiner, John Madden
Hardcover / Published 1997
Henry Holt and Company; ASIN: 0805042776
During his 16 years as an NFL quarterback, Joe Montana won four Super Bowls and the respect of fans everywhere. His legendary tenure with the San Francisco 49ers through the 1980s will be remembered as one of the most dominating periods in professional sports. And unlike many of the great quarterbacks, Montana posted both the numbers and the big wins necessary to cement his place in the Hall of Fame. With coauthor Richard Weiner, Montana relates his special knowledge of the game in Joe Montana's Art and Magic of Quarterbacking, a treasury of instruction, anecdotes, and inside-the-huddle information that should earn the cheers of football fans and players everywhere.

Joe Montana's Art and Magic of Quarterbacking; The Secrets of the Game from One of the All-Time Best
by Joe Montana, Richard Weiner, John Madden
Paperback / Published 1998
Henry Holt and Company; ASIN: 0805042784

The national best-seller, now in paperback.
Critically acclaimed in the successful hardcover edition, this is the first book to reveal an NFL quarterback's secrets for reading defenses, calling audibles, and becoming a team leader. Written for aspiring players as well as fans and all students of the game, the book combines instruction with inspiration and is chock-full of anecdotes and highlights from legendary quarterback Joe Montana's storied career. 
Lavishly illustrated with action full-color photos, diagrams, and action sequences demonstrating the mechanics of passing, hand-offs, dropbacks and more, Joe Montana's Art and Magic of Quarterbacking is sure to please players and fans alike. 
Montana combines instruction with inspiration and anecdotes and highlights from his storied career. 125 color photos & diagrams.

49ers Videos

The NFL's Greatest Games - '81 NFC Championship
NTSC format (for use in United States and Canada only) 
ASIN: 6305074429
It's the contest that established the San Francisco 49ers' dynasty. It's the most revered moment of the sorely-missed 'Good Old Days' by the 49ers fan consensus. The surprising and young Cinderella team was on its way up, but had to get past one of the most celebrated championship teams around, the experienced and seasoned Dallas Cowboys. If you're a Niner faithful who didn't actually see the whole game, watching this video might be a somewhat frustrating experience at first. The penalties and giving up of six turnovers to the other team can do that. But with less than a minute to play, comes the moment that has become one of the most celebrated in NFL history, with Dwight Clark's leaping, fingertip catch. It would also be the first big example of recent Hall of Fame inductee quarterback Joe Montana's ability to come back and driving for the winning score.

NFL 2000 Yearbook - San Francisco 49ers
NTSC format (for use in United States and Canada only) 
ASIN: B00004U5TB
The San Francisco 49ers closed the 1999 season with a 4-12 record. There were several bright spots in this otherwise difficult season in the Bay area. Charlie Garner rushed for 1,229 yards and emerged as a force in his first season with the 49ers. Bryant Young made an amazing recovery from his 1998 season-ending leg injury, and safety Lance Schulters was chosen to start in the Pro Bowl. Endings and Beginnings highlights the past season with a look at the development of the 49ers' youth. The video also says goodbye to members of the 49ers' family including a tearful farewell to offensive line coach Bobb McKittrick, who was a part of all five 49ers championship teams. In addition, listen to head coach Steve Mariucci, who was wired with a microphone during the season.

NFL Matchup of the Millennium - Box Set 2000
NTSC format (for use in United States and Canada only) 
ASIN: B00004W5SX
The game of football has been played for over 100 years, but at the end of the millennium one question remains... Which team is the greatest of all time? Matchup of the Millennium combines the latest in computer-generated special effects with historic archival footage to create a mythical series in which four legendary dynasties meet head to head. Witness the San Francisco 49ers of the 1980s battle the Green Bay Packers of the 1960s and the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 1970s square off against the Dallas Cowboys of the 1990s, with the two winners facing each other in the Millennium Bowl. Plus the legendary Howard Cosell makes his return to the broadcast booth. The impossible is possible in this incredible box set: Matchup of the Millennium. 182 minutes.

San Francisco 49ers 1998 Yearbook
VHS Tape Vhs Video edition (August 1998)
NTSC format (for use in United States and Canada only) 
ASIN: 6305048339

San Francisco 49ers 1997 Yearbook
VHS Tape Vhs Video edition (October 1997)
NTSC format (for use in United States and Canada only)

Jerry Rice: Ultimate Receiver
VHS Tape Vhs Video edition (July 1997)
NTSC format (for use in United States and Canada only)

Pure Gold: SF49ers
VHS Tape Vhs Video edition (March 1994)
NTSC format (for use in United States and Canada only)
Nfer Nelson; ISBN: 6302462851

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