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April, 01 2002

by Rob Baker
Clubhouse Writer and Draft Analyst 

Hi Niner fans,
Well its getting closer to that time of year again, the draft. Last season I started the If I was Bill Walsh column, basically saying who Id draft if I was GM of the 49ers. Well Bills not the GM any more, and Terrys got the job, so this year Im the new Terry Donahue. As the weeks narrow down to the two big days, Ill hopefully update this a couple of times, depending on Free Agent signings and draft trades etc. I would also like to hear your comments on the 49ers Clubhouse Message Board, or drop me an E-Mail if you have a question.

Rob Baker
49ers Clubhouse

Round 1 Pick 27
LaMont Thompson     S     Washington St.
Id actually trade down to very early second round to pick up Thompson, but Im not looking at trades.

Time to start afresh at S. And, as hard as it is to say, forget Lance Shulters. Id love nothing more than to sign Lance, and pick up a nice big OG here, but Lance is of to Tennessee, and the 49ers have lost a great S. Instead of wasting money on a veteran S, Id buy a big time DT to move BY to DE, and Id keep Ray Brown for one more season. Yes, hes soon to be 40, but he just made the Pro Bowl at 39. But back to Thompson, he covers passes (helps with St Louis) stops the run (helps with St Louis again!). Has had a bad neck injury, but looked to be over that senior season. Will start from day 1.

Round 2 Pick 28
Derek Ross     CB     Ohio St.     JUNIOR
I like my CBs to be over 6 foot. Why? Well with WRs now 64 (Randy Moss, Keyshawn Johnson as two examples) a guy 59 is not only 7 inches smaller, but would have arms about 5 inches smaller, and chances are, a smaller vertical leap. In the end you could be looking at a foot and a bit difference when the ball is up there. Now why Ross? Firstly hes from Ohio St., a college who produces amazing CBs, so hes had great coaching. Next the niners need a starting CB to go along with Plummer, Webster could then be moved to a nickel, making the niners backfield one that could match up with the Rams, and for the 49ers, the road to success goes through St Louis.

Round 4 Pick
Travis Dorsch     K     Purdue
I can see half of you thinking oh my god, why am I reading this, well hear me out. I am sick and tired of seeing the niners have second-rate kickers and punters just to save a buck. Lets face it, a decent K IS the difference between a Super Bowl win and a wasted season. Ask New England, thanks to Adam Vinatieri, the Patriots won the AFC Championship game in OT, and who could forget Vinatieris Super Bowl winning kick? Look at the four conference championship teams, Oakland, Sebastian Janikowski, New England, Adam Vinatieri, St Louis Jeff Wilkins and Philadelphias David Akers. All are reliable, and Id trust them when the game is on the line. Now, Jose Cortez I dont want back, he started well, but was a joke at the end. Its time to stop being cheap and draft a K that we will keep for more than a season. Dorsch can also punt, so if the rookie free agent that Id pick up after the draft fails, he could even be tried there. By the way, next years draft will be time to draft a P!

Round 5 Pick
Mike Collins     OG     Wake Forest
The guy to sit behind Ray Brown for a season and let him learn the ropes, then throw him in the deep end in 2003 and start. He is suited to a West Coast offense, and can also play OT if needed. But the 49ers need something to look forward to in the future along the OL, other than Newberry, and Collins could be it.

Round 6 Pick
Ryan Flemming     WR     Air Force
A big receiver at 64, and Streets and Stokes arent pulling their weight. Oh, seeing Im GM, JJ Stokes, youre released!!! Streets to start with TO, and Flemming and Cedrick Wilson can be rotated around for 3 WR sets. A Free Agent would also help here if Wilson and Flemming arent up to it. 

Round 7 Pick
Scott Fujita     OLB     California
No depth at LB, and depth is desperately needed, especially seeing Alex Lincolns future is still in question.

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