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These Niners Are Our Team And They Deserve Our Support

December 04, 2002

by James Parrott
Clubhouse Staff Writer

The recent poor performance of the San Francisco 49ers has seen the team slated from all directions.

Losing at San Diego in overtime was bad.

The loss to Philadelphia last week was an embarrassment to team and fans alike.

Even in victory, the team looked as shaky as it possibly could, almost throwing away a 31-10 lead in the fourth quarter before securing victory inside the two minute warning.

What we overlook, and we on this site have perhaps been guilty of this, is that the team on the field now bares little resemblance to the one that we saw win games earlier in the season.

In the first month of the season the defense was a credit - and a strength - to the 49ers.

The linebacking and secondary units have seen all manner of injuries since then making it more important that the line generate a consistent pass rush.

Unfortunately, without Philadelphia QB Koy Detmer slipping when attempting to pass the team would now have no sacks in over three straight games.

Defensive tackles Bryant Young and Dana Stubblefield are no longer capable of double digit sack seasons it would appear.

Defensive ends Andre Carter, Chike Okeafor and backup John Engelberger have been less effective at getting to the quarterback the more theyíre needed.

The team misses Zack Bronson and Jamie Winborn.

It misses the vocal presence of Tennessee Titans safety Lance Schulters, the loudest member of the defense over the last couple of years.

Jason Websters struggles are mystifying as the third year corner has cover ability and can tackle well.

Mike Rumph has struggled badly and needs to be the physical player who won a National Championship as a Miami Hurricane. Itís worth remembering though, that he is a rookie with pro career spanning twelve games.

Fox Sportsí acclaimed color analyst Brian Baldinger appraised that there was an air of negativity surrounding the team. If thatís true then it isnít suprising. They have been playing badly and criticized heavily for it.

Thatís why as followers of a team that has needed to tear it down and start again in the last few years, we need to check our criticism. Give the team and coaches support and hope that Candlestick will see another game after the December 15th clash with Green Bay.

When the Pack come to town, let them know that we havenít forgotten the 1995, Ď96 and Ď97 playoffs. Nor the regular season games in Ď96, Ď98 or 2000 regular seasons.

Give Brett Favre, the irritating redneck, all that you can and hope the team in red responds.

Remember, supporting a team works both way.

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