49ers Clubhouse 

Another Sad Loss

November 17, 2002

by James Parrott
Clubhouse Staff Writer

Sure, the San Diego Chargers are a good team.

And sure, so were the New Orleans saints when they beat the 49ers.

If we use that argument, then so were the Chicago Bears last year.

After that loss to the Saints I speculated as to whether or not the Niners can beat good teams.

Then came the win in Oakland in overtime. A one off?

Now, just two games later the 49ers threw away another late lead en route to a 20-17 overtime loss in San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium to a Chargers team coming off a fourth quarter meltdown of their own.

The Rams have gained by San Diego’s unpredictability by making up a game on a 49ers team that doesn’t appear to have the werewithal to dominate or convincingly beat a good team.

The story over the last week was Julian Peterson’s coverage masterclass against Kansas City (perhaps he can show corners Jason Webster and rookie Mike Rumph how to not give up big gains to opposition receivers).

Lost in that is that the offense couldn’t score on a mediocre at best defense in the second half.

And this week it could neither score nor stop a mediocre offense in the fourth quarter.

If this continues to happen, then we can forget about a sixth Super Bowl victory for the 49ers taking place anytime soon.

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