49ers Clubhouse 

It happened again

December 17, 2002

by James Parrott
Clubhouse Staff Writer

Sunday afternoon, at home to the G***n B*y P*****s, the 49ers as good as beat themselves.

The offense did very little, barring sporadic bursts, best capsulated by the Jeff Garcia interception which came when the team were moving the ball on the ground and had no need to pass the ball at that stage.

The defense deserves whatever credit the 49ers are due from that day.

The teamís line is still not having a great deal of impact, but the linebackers are a good unit and even the diminished secondary played well.

The fourth quarter stands that kept Green Bay to two field goal attempts and three points kept the team in the game.

What cost this team another close game against a good team was a lackluster display where the playcalling failed to take advantage of the elements and the execution was off.

As a fan, what hurts the most was the failure to beat a team that players and coaches have to regard as a hated enemy if they are to be 49ers.

For an offense as highly thought of as the 49ers, the unit doesnít execute as well as it needs to consistently and it no longer has the swagger that it used to have.

Terrell Owens is the sole big play threat, but if he is the present-day Jerry Rice then where is his John Taylor?

Come to think of it, on the last sequence of downs, where was his Joe Montana?

Brett Favre gives the fans of a city like San Francisco plenty of reasons to hate him.

His over exuberance, his irritating face, his record against their team, the mediaís constant praise of him and his penchant for slaughtering wild animals.

For once, it would be nice if the team and coaches took that and used it to spur them on to victory against a team that is no better than them.

Iíll be honest - I hate Green Bay. I hate Brett Favre. Isnít it time that we had a victory over him?

And am I alone in wishing for a return to the days when the team could get back to beating people with mystique?

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