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February 18, 2003

by Rob Baker
Clubhouse Writer and Draft Analyst

Welcome to my third installment of me fulfilling my dreams of being the niners GM. This time I'm looking at guys that should be released, and guys who's contracts need to be restructured.

Firstly though, Mora and Knapp back????? And Maxie????? I thought getting rid of Mooch was the start of a cleanout process and a push for a World Championship. This is proof that it was York's cleanout process of all signs of Eddie. Those three can't possibly be the best available men for the job out here, surely there has to be someone, anyone, that could take over! And Rathman off to Detroit. Mora, Knapp and Maxie should be shipped off, Rathman should have been the one that was kept!

Well onto matters at hand:


# 83 J.J. Stokes
6'4" 217 lbs 30 yo 8 years pro
2002 stats: 13 gms 32 rec 332 yrds 1 TD

I have been campaigning for J.J.'s release ever since I started writing for the 49ers Clubhouse, and finally the niners may be making my dream a reality! And now I'm the GM, J.J. is gone! (And in reality, it looks like Erickson agrees with me!)


# 95 John Engelburger
6'4" 260 lbs 26 yo 3 years pro
2002 stats: 10 gms 10 solo tckls 1 ast tckl

It's time to put in place DEs with speed, can get to the QB regularly, and I'd like a rookie DE that could do this as a backup and challenge Okeafor for the starter spot. Hasn't been a bad player over his three years, but hasn't hit as many QBs as I'd like. (This is the only release out of the four I have mentioned that I don't believe will happen in real life)


# 94 Dana Stubblefield
6'2" 290 lbs 32 yo 9 years pro
2002 stats: 15 gms 29 solo tckls 9 ast tckls 2 sacks 1 FF

BY and Stubbies combined sack total, 5. Yep, five. BY would be here to, but if I cut BY from the niners, I'd be hunted down! But one needs to go, and a pass rusher needs to come in. Too old, not effective enough. Sorry Stubbie!


# 20 Garrison Hearst
5'11" 215 lbs 32 yo 10 years pro
2002 stats: 16 gms rush: 215 att 972 yrds 8 TD rec: 48 rec 317 yrds 1 TD

I questioned his signing last season, why give a 3 year old a big contract, with a young HB on the list that looks to be a good HB? It's time to give Barlow the ball more. Hearst will count for $2.2 mill on the cap next season, a high amount for a backup. This will also give Paul Smith a chance to show what he can do as a backup.

PS. These are the guys that I would release now, others that are in trouble of loosing their spots on the roster, but whom I would keep around to fight for spots in camp are:

HB Jamal Robinson
TE Mark Aneli
WR Cedrick Wilson
DE Sean Moran
DT Junior Bryant (Keep around until camp, if his not 100% healthy, release him)
LB Brandon Moore
LB Frank Strong
CB Rashad Holman
K Jeff Chandler


# 5 Jeff Garcia
6'1" 195 lbs 32 yo 4 years pro
2003 contract: $ 8.25 mill
2002 stats: 16 gms 328/528 comp 62.1% 3344 yrds 21 TD 10 int 85.6 QB rating

The 49ers gave Garcia his big break, giving him a chance in the NFL. Now it's time to pay us back. Take a near minimum wage contract for a few years, give the niners a chance to buy you someone else to throw to with part of that $8.25 mill, get a ring, retire as a niner legend. This would be a dream situation, but I don't think he'll go minimum, but get him to go as low as possible, and try and use guilt on him, just think Jeff, you could still be in Canada!

# 96 Bryant Young
6'3" 291 lbs 31 yo 9 years pro
2003 contract: $ 8.419 mill
2002 stats: 16 gms 28 solo tckls 8 ast tckls 2 sacks

As I said before, if he wasn't a legend, he'd be gone! How was he a Pro Bowler this year??? But anyway, he's not just a legend but a leader too. But either way, he's not worth $8 mill! BY, gotta restructure!!!

With the releases, have a look at my new look line up:

GM: Rob Baker
Coach: Dennis Green
Offensive Coordinator: Marty Mornhinweg
Defensive Coordinator: Ray Rhodes

 WR  T.Owens    
 LT  D.Deese  M.Willig  
 LG  D.Fiore  E.Heitmann  
 C  J.Newberry    
 RG  R.Stone  E.Heitmann  
 RT  S.Gragg  K.Kosier  
 TE  E.Johnson  J.Swift  M.Anelli B.Jennings
 WR  C.Wilson    
 QB  J.Garcia  C.McNown  B.Doman
 HB  K.Barlow  P.Smith  J.Robertson
 FB  F.Beasley  T.Jackson  
 LE  C.Okeafor    
 DT  B.Young    
 DT  J.Flanigan  J.Shaw  
 RE  A.Carter  S.Moran  
 LOLB  J.Peterson  S.Rasheed  F.Strong
 LILB  D.Smith  B.Moore  
 RILB  J.Ulbrich  J.Winborn  
 CB  A.Plummer  J.Williams  R.Holman
 CB  J.Webster  M.Rumph  D.Hawthorne
 SS  T.Parrish  R.Heard  K.Curtis
 FS  Z.Bronson  J.Keith  
Special Teams
 K  J.Chandler  

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