49ers Clubhouse 

Offense Looking Like Weak Link

April 23, 2002

by James Parrott
Clubhouse Staff Writer

After a draft which delivered approximately zero excitement and no offensive contributors it is beginning to look as thought the 49ers offense has become the teams forgotten unit. Also, it may be the teams weakest link in the battle to beat the St. Louis Rams.

The teams offense is good enough to move the ball and rack up points on the ho-hum defensive units of the league. That we know. What we also know from last season is that the team will struggle against speed defenses and higher ranked outfits.

The teams offense isn't a particularly quick bunch.

There isn't a true blazer to present a deep threat at receiver. None of the backfield are what could be called speed backs.

Struggling against Dallas and Green Bay ultimately meant a first round playoff exit. In two defeats against St. Louis last year Quarterback Jeff Garcia struggled, as did the running game and top target Terrell Owens. In six straight defeats against the Rams, receiver JJ Stokes averages 1.3 catches a game.

One top sports journalist put it best when he wrote that St. Louis' speed advantage overcame San Francisco's size advantage. It wasn't really close either.

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