49ers Clubhouse 


February, 26 2002

by Rob Baker
Clubhouse Writer and Draft Analyst

Hi niner fans, Here is the second part of my series where I play GM of the 49ers. Last time I was looking at the Expansion Draft, and in the end no niners were selected, so it didn’t matter too much, but this time it’s a very important topic, San Francisco’s free agents. I’ll be offering my opinions on whether to attempt to keep the free agents, or let them lose. I’ll also be saying whom the niners should release.

Go Niners

Rob Baker


George McCullough - RELEASE
5’10” 189 lbs
4 years. Drafted: Round 5 1997 (Ten)
Not good enough in my opinion, there’s better out there, or an undrafted free agent to replace him.

Jeremy Newberry - SIGN
6’5” 315 lbs
4 Years. Drafted: Round 2 1998 (SF)
The best OL on the team and youngest starter along the line. Is a must sign, and would be priority number two. Expect him to be a Pro Bowler for a long, long time, and I have a feeling, a niner for a long, long time.

Terry Killens - SIGN
6’1” 235 lbs
6 Years. Drafted: Round 3 1996 (Ten)
A big Special Teams player, he should be signed, for the right price though.

Matt Willig - RELEASE
6’8” 315 lbs
8 year.s Drafted: Not Drafted
An old back-up, and the niners are getting to old along the line, it’s time to bring in new blood.

Fred Beasley - SIGN
6’0” 235 lbs
4 Years. Drafted: Round 6 1998 (SF)
A massive part of Garrison Hearst’s successful return. Should have made it to his first Pro Bowl last season. Along with Newberry, Beasley should be a frequent visitor to Hawaii in the future. Priority number three.

Lance Shulters - SIGN
6’2” 195 lbs
4 Years. Drafted: Round 4 1998 (SF)
To big of a player to let go. If the niners ever want to beat the Rams, out of all the free agents, this is the man to keep. So he’s the number one priority.

Garrison Hearst - SIGN
5’11” 215 lbs
9 Years. Drafted: Round 1 1993 (Phx)
Important to get his signature, but not for too long, Kevin Barlow will be the starter in 2-3 years time, and the last thing the 49ers want is a old Hearst that is getting paid to start, but is backing up.


Giovanni Carmazzi - SIGN
6’3” 224 lbs
2 Years. Drafted: Round 3 2000 (SF)
I’d sign him, but not for too long. Let him battle Aaron Garcia for the 3rd QB spot. I’d still keep him at number 4 though, just to see how good he can be. But for two years max.

Chike Okeafor - SIGN
6’4” 248 lbs
3 Years. Drafted: Round 3 1999 (SF)
Need backups at DE, and Okeafor is a quality backup.

Ben Lynch - RELEASE
6’4” 295 lbs
3 Years. Drafted: Round 7 1996 (KC)
The 49ers need youngsters with a future. He was drafted six seasons ago, so there isn’t too much dramatic improving left in him.

Terry Jackson - SIGN
6’0” 232 lbs
3 Years. Drafted: Round 5 1999 (SF)
A nice backup and could be a decent starter is Beasley decides to leave the Bay.


Bobby Setzer - SIGN
6’4” 280 lbs
1 Year. Drafted: Not Drafted
A good, young backup. Give him a few more years to show how good he’ll be.

Jose Cortez - RELEASE
5’11” 205 lbs
1 Year. Drafted: Not Drafted
Looked good early, faded at the end. Let Jamie Rheem have the job he would have earned before his camp injury.

Vinny Sutherland - SIGN
5’8” 188 lbs
1 Year. Drafted: Round 5 2001 (Atl)
Not the best KR in the league, but still a decent one.

Jonas Lewis - SIGN
5’9” 210 lbs
2 Years. Drafted: Not Drafted
A solid special teams performer.

Ronny Heard - SIGN
6’2” 215 lbs
2 Years. Drafted: Not Drafted
Definitely need to keep him if Shulters skips town.

Justin Swift - SIGN
6’3” 265 lbs
2 Years. Drafted: Round 7 1999 (Den)
A nice backup and a good blocker.


Greg Clark
Too expensive, too injury prone.

JJ Stokes

Reggie McGrew
BUST!!! Part 2.

Now this might be a bit inaccurate, seeing I’ve kept the big four free agents, so if I had to let one go, it’d be Garrison Hearst. You have to think for the future, and Hearst is older than Beasley, Newberry and Shulters. There is also a better replacement for Hearst than the other three. Kevin Barlow is the future at HB. FB has Terry Jackson, who’s a decent FB. C has Ben Lynch, who I’m letting go. Finally, S has John Keith, who could be good, if he could stay injury free. So, that’s my logic, Barlow may not be a 1000 yard rusher next season, but he will be soon.

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