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Insane 60's garagepunk from Italy!! Just simply one of the best staff I heard in this genre this long!

 Think about TELL TALE HEARTS; PRIMATES; SATELLITERS & GRAVEDIGGER 5! Or original Beatpunk Combos like SHADOWS OF KNIGHT; PRETTY THINGS or early STONES! Manic R&B, stomping garagepunk...! This is just simply brainstorming! Dressed up in smart suits these 4 guys know how to perform authentic 60's sound with their vintage equipment! Numbered ed of 300 better buy now..or spend more on eBay tomorrow!! 

(Lutz - Soundflat Records Mailorder – Germany)


"Tracks From Beyond" is the debut single from Italy’s the Rippers. It’s also the first record from Shake Your Ass Record. The Rippers are a garage band and this single was even recorded in their garage. From the photos on the sleeve, they even got the look down pat. These guys must of locked themselves in some old wine cellar, with too many bottles of vino and a the whole "Back From The Grave" series. Side A kicks off with "Leave Me Alone." It’s a jangley piece of garage punk, circa 1965. I like the snotty vocals, reminds me a little of Mick Jagger. "Don’t Talk To Me Baby" is an ass-shaker. I love when everything drops out except a little tom-tom action and then the firey guitar solo kicks in. Side B starts with "Killing Storm." It starts with some killer harp. Rocks along and has a cool guitar solo that gives way to another harp solo. The record ends with "Don’t Cry To Me." Now this is a cover of Jerry and the Others. I’m sure they picked this up from the before mentioned "Back From The Grave" series. This is a killer track with great sing-along chorus. The Rippers play some great garage that’ll have all the kids dancing. Remember you heard about them at cyclops first.

 (Mark Cylops - Cyclops zine – September 2002)


Europe’s wildest r’n’b combo, THE RIPPERS from Cagliari, Italy will probably release their debut album sometime early next year on Screaming Apple too. They´ve just released one hell of a 7" called "Tracks from beyond" on the italian SHAKE YOUR ASS RECORDS and as there are only 300 copies available of it, it’s gonna be a huge collectors item very soon.

(Screaming Apple Records)


Hey Capinch!!!! Got the 7"s they SMOKE! They ROCK! They RULE!! I LOVE the you have a contact address for them can I get them to do an album on Corduroy ...they are the REAL DEAL best RnB I’ve heard for ages!!!

(Nick Phillips – Shutdown 66 – Corduroy Records)



"Number 021 of a limited edition of 300--a mysterious EP from a band shrouded in black and hidden behind imposing shades (Ripper I, Ripper II, Ripper III, and IV, respectively) Tracks from Beyond is fun, scuzzy and made without the concern for making a buck..."Killing Storm" and "Leave Me Alone" are lo-key and low-fi R&B with the requisite punk rock energy and wild abandon. Free catch phrase: get hipped to the RIPPERS.

(JH – Maximum Rocknroll #233 October 2002)


Rippers - “Tracks From Beyond”  7"

Rave up time! These stylish Italian boys have their 60s stomp and raunch down! They look like the early Makers, and sound like a good 60s -Punk band that recorded live in their garage. Oh, what do you know? They Did! "Killing Storm" is the most likely to induce the ass shaking. Four songs, numbered edition of 300.

(KNOWCRAP MAILORDER, Portland, United States)  


This is the first release on Shake Your Ass Records. I think they are off to a good start. The Rippers are obsessed with London's infamous lady-killer and solid, snotty '60s punk rock with a peppy beat. The four lads know that shades are an everyday sort of thang. The Pretty Things have invaded their brains and will only leave via a battery of guitars, drums and garbled vocals. All joshin' aside, this four-piece band of high octane ravers shake their collective ass on "Leave Me Alone," "Don't Talk Me Baby" (sic), "Killing Storm" and "Don't Cry to Me." All bands should sound this good.

(Edwin Letcher – Garage And Beat fanzine #8 dec 2002)