BlackThorn MIDI Player
By: BlackThorn Enterprises Network Date: 06/04/1998


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This is a very easy-to-use activeX controll that will play MIDI files. The control is not provided with instructions, so read along.

The control has only properties and events, no methods.

Property Desription
Async Specifies wether the programs goes on during playing
Filename Name and path of the MIDI file to play
PlayStart Set this property to True at run-time to start execution. After execution starts, property value is set back to False
PlayStop Set this property to True at run-time to stop execution. After execution stops, property value is set back to False

Event Description
NoMidiDevice Occours when a MIDI sound device is not found or when there's an error with it
NoMidiFile Occours when the MIDI file specified in Filename property is not found

After you have unpacked the ZIP, execute the setup program: this will copy the OCX file to your Windows System folder. To use the control, first select Components from the Project menu in VB; then, check the line BlackThorn MIDI Player and press OK.
You can then draw the control on a form (remember it is not visible at run-time).

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