By: Active Soft Ware Date: 15/08/1998


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This control is identical to a label, but supports horizzontal scrolling: great to create titles or information massages.

Here, we report some of the control properties and methods: the other are the same of a regular label or are self-explaining.

Property Desription
Caption The text to be scrolled. Similar in Label control.
Speed Scrolling speed. Range is 0 to 65535. I advise 200.

Method Desription
Off Stops scrolling text.
Start way Starts scrolling text. The parameter way determines the direction of scrolling: 1=Left, 2=Right.

Unpack the ZIP to a custom folder. There is an example provided. To use the ActiveX control in a custom project, first select Components from the Project menu in VB; then, click Browse, select the OCX file you have just unpacked, push Open and then OK.
You can then draw the control on a form.

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