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This control is small, simple and very useful. It allows you to compress and uncompress files!

ActiveZipper gives you only two properties. OutPutFile and SourceFile. The SourceFile is what you want to compress, the OutPutFile is what will be the result of the compressed file (in its new filename).
After you have filled in those two properties, just one statement triggers compression:


To decompress, put in the compressed filename in the SourceFile property and the
new file name in the
OutPutFile property and just use this statement:


When it has finished compressing/decompressing, ActiveZipper will trigger a Completed event.

To install, unpack the ZIP file and run the AZipinst.Bat files. In VB, select Components from the Project menu, check the line ActiveZipper and click OK. You can then put the control on a form (remember it is invisible).

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