AR Crypto Library 1.02
By: Alvaro Redondo Date: 08/07/1998


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This library includes the RC2 and DES-56 block cipher algorithms, the RC4 stream cipher algorithm, the SHA-1 hash algorithm and other objects that you can use to code or export binary data.

If you need strong encryption support, both to store information and to send sensitive data through networks, with this library you don't have to spend hours figuring out how to make in Visual Basic all the mathematical operations (many of them with very big numer for which Visual Basic doesn't have a good support) that above algorithms require.

There are HTML instructions and sample project included.

To install, unzip the DLL and DEP files to the Windows System folder. In VB, select Components from the Project menu. Click Browse, select the Arcryptolib.Dll file, click OK and close the Components dialog.

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