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A very small and easy to use control that lets you play Animated GIF files into your application. Once added to the form, just set its FileName property to the target GIF file to play it. You can also have transparent background and adjust the frame rate (and, consequentialy, the speed).

Property Desription
FileName Path of the file to be played.
FrameRate Number of frames per second. Set to 0 for default value.
Transparent Boolean value:
True = transparent background
False = opaque background

Method Desription
LoadAniGif way The only method: used to load a new animated GIF into the control.

To change the animated GIF at run-time, you can use the LoadAniGif method.
For example, to load the file "C:\Images\Animation.Gif", use the following code:

DXAnimatedGif.LoadAniGif "C:\Images\Animation.Gif"

To install, extract the OCX file in C:\Windows\System. In VB, go to Project>Components, click Browse and select the file just extracted. The control should then be available from your Project>Components dialog box as AnimatedGif.

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