Calendar Control 2.0
By: Coyote Software Corp. Date: 18/01/2000


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A very useful "date picker" control: it looks like a combo box, but when clicked a pop-up calendar appears.

A screenshot of the calendar in action

The control can be completely customized: you can change colors, the text of the Today and None buttons. Additionally, the names of months and days are localized: so an English and a Spanish user can both use this control.

Although the control is very well documented, with a complete HTML helpfile, here are the most relevant properties/methods.

Property Desription
AllowNull Returns/sets whether or not the calendar will allow Null values
NoneCaption The caption of the None button
NullText Text returned by the calendar to represent a null value (i.e. No Date)
TodayCaption The caption of the Today button

To install, extract the files to a temporary folder. Run Setup.exe. In VB, go to Project>Components, click Browse, and select the file Coyote Software Calendar 2.0. The control should then be available from your toolbox.
Remember to take a look at the included example.

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